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  1. Connie Britton on Why Dirty John Is So Timely“Women are still coming from a tradition where we don’t value ourselves equally.”
  2. chat room
    Connie Britton on Dirty John’s Tragic Ending“I hope it makes women think twice before assuming they should honor the man.”
  3. not quite reality tv
    How Dirty John Actors Compare to Their Real-life CounterpartsMeet the real-life men and women (and one dog) who inspired Bravo’s twisted story of love, betrayal, and death.
  4. true crime
    Why Dirty John Turns a True-Crime Podcast Into a ‘Twisted Fairytale’Showrunner Alexandra Cunningham adapted the podcast to explore “why women don’t listen to their intuition.”
  5. Connie Britton and Eric Bana Demonstrate Their Meme-abilityConnie even responds to a racist dog, giving a remarkable performance.
  6. tv review
    Dirty John Is a Real-Life Horror StoryThe Bravo drama falls squarely into the “men are trash who might kill you” subgenre of true-crime potboiler.
  7. vulture festival la
    Connie Britton Knows What Tami Taylor Would Tell Her Dirty John CharacterTami Taylor forever!
  8. casting
    Connie Britton Joins Bevy of Blondes in Roger Ailes BiopicShe’ll play his wife.
  9. trailer mix
    Dirty John Trailer: Connie Britton Flirts With Danger, a.k.a. Eric BanaBased on the true-crime podcast.
  10. trailer mix
    Dirty John Trailer: Run for Your Life, Connie Britton!And insure your fabulous hair!
  11. the industry
    Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott Will Return for AHS: ApocalypseWelcome home.
  12. trailer mix
    Land of Steady Habits Trailer: Connie Britton Deserves Better, Ben MendelsohnBen Mendelsohn’s depressed retiree might as well be wrapped in a red flag.
  13. returns
    Why Connie Britton Came Back to Nashville for the Series FinaleRayna’s (sort of) back.
  14. Can Connie Britton Match Her Reaction With the Right 911 Call?“That’s a ‘baby in the toilet’ face if I’ve ever seen one.”
  15. casting
    Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Replacing Connie Britton As a Phone Answerer on 9-1-19-1-1, it’s JLH!
  16. the industry
    Connie Britton Will Star in Bravo’s Dirty John Anthology SeriesThe Nashville actress will play interior designer Debra Newell on the show, based on the titular podcast by L.A. Times reporter Chris Goffard.
  17. vulture lists
    The 15 Most Bizarre 911 Calls on 9-1-1When a bouncy castle flies off of a cliff, you better call Connie Britton.
  18. Connie Britton Does Not Want You to Be CynicalThe 9-1-1 star on the Time’s Up campaign, getting political, and the “only true secret” about her hair.
  19. quiz
    Can You Match Connie Britton’s Reaction With the Right 9-1-1 Call?9-1-1, what’s this emergency?
  20. season renewals
    Fox Renews 9-1-1, TV’s Best Drama About Connie Britton Answering PhonesThe series also stars Peter Krause and Angela Bassett.
  21. The Debut Episode of 9-1-1 Is SensationalRyan Murphy’s Fox series about first responders is engrossing, intense, and stars some great actors as lifesavers.
  22. tv
    Nashville’s Sixth Season Will Be Its LastThe final season premieres January 4.
  23. Connie Britton Is the Voice Guiding You Through Trauma in the First 911 TeaserProtect us, Connie.
  24. ryan murphyverse
    9-1-1? Yes, I’d Like to Report Connie Britton’s Return to the Ryan Murphy-verseWho doesn’t want Connie Britton to save their life?
  25. Professor Marston & the Wonder Women Trailer: Connie Britton Grills Luke EvansIn theaters October 27.
  26. vulture festival 2017
    See the Stars Who Passed Through This Year’s Vulture Festival Photo StudioFeaturing Al Franken, Aziz Ansari, Jessica Williams, Connie Britton, and more.
  27. vulture festival
    How Connie Britton Fought to Make Her Characters Reflective of Real WomenIt’s Connie Britton at Vulture Festival, y’all!
  28. vulture festival 2017
    Vulture Festival 2017 Complete Line-UpThe fourth annual pop-culture festival features its biggest lineup yet.
  29. our world
    Bill Nye and His Fellow Celebrities Unite to Save the World on Earth Day“Science too nuanced for a simple chant!” — Rachel Bloom
  30. trailer mix
    Beatriz at Dinner Trailer: Salma Hayek Isn’t Enjoying Supper With John LithgowA venerable who’s who of prestige television is in attendance.
  31. casting couch
    ABC Originally Wanted Connie Britton to Play Olivia Pope“The network was reading us their top choices and it was Connie and all white women.”
  32. nashies
    Meanwhile, Leslie Feist Has Been Watching a Lot of NashvilleFeist shared what she’s been up to since Metals.
  33. last night on late night
    Connie Britton Isn’t Coming Back to Nashville, Unless Rayna Has an Evil TwinRayna is dead. Long live her twin!
  34. casting couch
    Connie Britton Is Rebounding From Nashville With a Nicole Holofcener MovieNetflix’s The Land of Steady Habits is going to be indie-riffic.
  35. happy trails
    Connie Britton Leaves Nashville Fans With Heartfelt Coda After That Big EpisodeTime to sing another song.
  36. roll clip!
    Connie Britton’s All In on NashvilleNashville premieres on CMT this Thursday.
  37. trailer mix
    Watch the Nashville Season-5 TrailerJuliette is in a wheelchair, Rayna has a stalker.
  38. trailer mix
    Nashville’s First CMT Promo Is Very TearyHayden Panettiere is back, so it looks like that plane thing turned out okay.
  39. emmys 2016
    Kyle Chandler & Connie Britton Reunited at EmmysClear eyes, full hearts.
  40. How Do We Get Back to Peak Nashville? A Wish ListGet Rayna and Juliette in a room together, ASAP.
  41. staying the course
    Britton, Panettiere Nashville Returns Are LikelyCharles Esten, Sam Palladio, Jonathan Jackson, and Clare Bowen are also among those expected back.
  42. resurrections
    In True Soap Style, Nashville Nears Resurrection at CMTExpect an announcement during Wednesday’s CMT Awards.
  43. dream casting
    What Should Connie Britton Do After Nashville? We Have Some IdeasA series? A movie? A hair commercial? 
  44. last night on late night
    Connie Britton on the End of Nashville“I always feel like, to have four years on anything, you can never take that for granted.”
  45. upfronts 2016
    ABC Cancels NashvilleThe series had hopes for a fifth season with new showrunners, but those did not come to fruition.
  46. What Is a ‘Brentwood Hello’? Ask Connie Britton!It does not involve a casserole.
  47. chat room
    Connie Britton on Faye Resnick, the FNL Reunion“They never even reached out to me about it.”
  48. 10th anniversaries
    Friday Night Lights 10-Year Reunion Is HappeningClear eyes, full hair.
  49. Clooney, Britton, Seinfeld Discuss Their StartsDoing a play, quitting a day job, learning how to work a room.
  50. chat room
    Connie Britton on Nashville, FNL, Ageism, Hair“The minute that I get my hair insured, somebody just put me in a straitjacket.”
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