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Conspiracy Theories

  1. The Simpsons Predicted 9/11, According to a Very Legit Conspiracy TheoryGuys, try to remain calm here, but take a look at this Simpsons screenshot. Notice anything? Like how it spells out New York 911 when you treat […]
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    Zac Efron Continues Career Transformation by Admitting to Strip-Club Visit“I’ve learned a lot about these places, mostly from rap music.”
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    Was Zac Efron’s Strip-Club Visit a Career Move?Conspiracy-theory alert.
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    Is This ‘Top Secret America’ Business Just Viral Marketing for AMC’s Rubicon?Sure seems like it.
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    Lost Poster’s Hieroglyphics Yield Cryptic Clues About Season SixAnd they’re so very “meaningful.”
  6. The Curse of Randy Quaid Threatens Hollywood CommunityWatch your back, Chevy Chase!
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    LaToya Shares Her Creepy Stories and Conspiracy Theories With Barbara WaltersMichael’s big sis says he always knew he would be murdered (Dun dun dunnnnn).
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    HBO Believes It’s at the Center of a Vast Emmy ConspiracyThey feel like the Emmy broadcast is too focused on honoring network-television series.
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    Did U2’s Latest Album Flop Because of a Secret Radio-Station Boycott?Well, either that or it’s boring.
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    Did Eminem Have Advance Knowledge of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Crotch Attack?It seems like he had plenty of time to move out of the way.
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    Artist Jeremy Blake’s Disappearance: Suicide? Scientology?The mysterious circumstances surrounding the apparent double suicide of video artist Jeremy Blake and his filmmaking girlfriend, Theresa Duncan, have conspiracy theorists, uh, theorizing.