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  1. tick tock
    How Joker Became the Most Hated, Loved, Obsessed-Over Movie of 2019“It’s been a trending story for about six weeks now, and that’s a lot more spotlight and attention than a normal film could count on getting.”
  2. crime
    Tekashi 6ix9ine Rejects Witness Protection Because Private Security Worked GreatAlso probably because laser-removing a face tattoo has got to hurt.
  3. controversy
    #BoycottMulan Trends After Star Liu Yifei Supports Hong Kong PoliceThe police force has been criticized for its conduct during protests.
  4. controversy
    Mario Lopez Lays Low After Comments About Transgender KidsWhy, Mario. Why.
  5. controversy
    Author’s Family Once Implicated in Murder Similar to One in Her BookIs the Where the Crawdads Sing murder based on true events?
  6. Jimmy Kimmel Predicts a Kathy Griffin Comeback: “She Is One of the […]Since the infamous Trump photo controversy in May 2017, Kathy Griffin has had an extremely challenging eight months full of lost jobs, lost […]
  7. Kathy Griffin Reflects on Her Trump Photo ControversyIt’s been almost three months since Kathy Griffin tweeted a photo of herself holding a bloody mask made to look like a beheaded Donald Trump – […]
  8. lena dunham
    Training Facility Defends Lena Dunham’s Decision to Re-Home Her DogThe Zen Dog says that Dunham’s dog, Lamby, exhibited several significant behavioral problems.
  9. bill maher
    Ice Cube Schooled Bill Maher on How He Crossed the LineMaher wasn’t so comfortable with apologizing, but he gave his guests the floor to treat his mistake as a teaching moment.
  10. kathy griffin
    Kathy Griffin Apologizes for Photo With Bloody, Severed Trump Head“I went way too far.”
  11. controversy
    Some Canadian Schools Have Banned Discussion of 13 Reasons WhySome district leaders are worried the show glamorizes suicide.
  12. controversy
    Nick Cannon Says He’s Leaving AGT, Claims NBC Threatened His Job Over Joke“So I wish AGT and NBC the best in its upcoming season but I can not see myself returning.”
  13. super bowl li
    Watch the Controversial Super Bowl Ad Featuring Trump’s Border WallThe ad is for 84 Lumber.
  14. controversy
    Lena Dunham Clarifies Her Odell Beckham Jr. Comments: ‘It’s My Sense of Humor’“Glad the outrage machine roars on though.”
  15. ghost in the shell
    Ghost in the Shell Producer Defends ScarJo RoleGhost in the Shell was a very international story, and it wasn’t just focused on Japanese.”
  16. controversy
    Madonna Exposed a Teenage Fan’s Breast During a Concert in Australia YesterdayBut talk of a lawsuit is unwarranted.
  17. How Offensive Is Rebel Wilson’s Trans Joke at the BAFTAs?“One day I hope to return here to win a BAFTA myself.”
  18. When Andrew Dice Clay Came to ‘SNL’ and Controversy FollowedSaturday, May 12, 1990. I was at a party in Brooklyn, loud reggae and techno, conversations about politics and culture. Around 11:25, I slipped […]
  19. Why the McKanye Feud Is Bad for EveryoneThe problem with the Who Is Paul McCartney? controversy.
  20. controversy
    Aaron Paul Bashes Toys ‘R’ Us for Pulling Breaking Bad ToysIn response to a Florida mom’s petition.
  21. controversy
    Bill Maher Weighs In on Israel-Gaza Conflict With Sexist Tweet It was a bad day for celebrities on Twitter.
  22. mea culpas
    Gary Oldman Apologizes for Anti-Semitic RemarksIn a statement addressed to the ADL.
  23. interviews
    Gary Oldman Defends Alec Baldwin and Mel Gibson, Slams ‘Political Correctness’In a Playboy interview.
  24. controversy
    What Is Shia LaBeouf’s Endgame?The former Transformers star now makes more headlines for his erratic behavior than for his acting.
  25. controversy
    Woody Allen Responds to Dylan Farrow AccusationIn a missive published in the New York Times, Allen also questions whether Ronan Farrow is his biological son.
  26. ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Creators Apologize for Racist EpisodeThe latest episode of CBS’s How I Met Your Mother, which aired Monday night, has caused a bit of controversy. The episode involved Jason […]
  27. controversy
    Leonardo DiCaprio Addresses The Wolf of Wall Street Excess Debate“This film may be misunderstood.”
  28. China Is Demanding More From Jimmy Kimmel Over Child’s JokeJimmy Kimmel Live continues to be criticized over a recent joke made by a child on the show. In a segment from Oct. 16, Kimmel asked several of […]
  29. The White House Will Be Forced to ‘Investigate’ a Joke From ‘Jimmy Kimmel […]Last week, ABC issued an apology for a child’s remark about China from the October 16 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Nevertheless, a petition […]
  30. ABC Apologizes for a Kid’s Remark in a ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ SegmentABC has apologized for an unscripted remark made by a child during a Jimmy Kimmel Live segment that aired earlier this month. The offending […]
  31. controversy
    Looking Back at the Controversy Ricky Gervais’s Derek Caused in the U.K.Critics felt Derek, which debuts on Netflix tomorrow, was severely insulting to the mentally handicapped. Ricky Gervais did not.
  32. Fox Ignores Pleas to Make ‘Dads’ Less RacistLast week, an Asian-American watchdog group called for Fox to reshoot offensive scenes in the pilot of its new Seth MacFarlane-produced sitcom, […]
  33. Asian-American Group Wants Seth MacFarlane’s New Show ‘Dads’ to Reshoot […]Seth MacFarlane’s new sitcom, Dads, hasn’t hit the airwaves yet, but it’s already experiencing trouble. Guy Aoki, founding president of […]
  34. controversy
    Homophobic Ender’s Game Author Asks for Tolerance As Movie Comes OutA planned boycott against the movie continues.
  35. controversy
    Lena Dunham Addresses Criticism of the Patrick Wilson Girls Episode Also, she gives her opinion about whether the infamous Adam sex scene was rape.
  36. controversy
    Mountain Dew Pulls Tyler, the Creator AdBecause many people thought it was racist.
  37. controversy
    New Zealand Is Pissed About ArgoThey didn’t like their one-sentence mention. 
  38. debate
    Michael Moore Defends Zero Dark ThirtyAnd calls it a “21st century chick flick.”
  39. controversy
    Django Unchained Action Figures Exiled From eBayThey were starting to sell for more than $2,000.
  40. controversy
    Should the Django Dolls Have Ever Existed?Probably not.
  41. controversy
    Kathryn Bigelow Pens Op-Ed Defending Zero Dark Thirty’s Torture Use“Those of us who work in the arts know that depiction is not endorsement.”
  42. torture porn
    The Zero Dark Thirty Torture Debate Kept Going This WeekThe issue of whether the film condones torture is far from settled.
  43. Does Zero Dark Thirty Endorse Torture?A debate mounts over the Oscar front-runner’s portrayal of the search for bin Laden.
  44. apologies
    James Gunn’s Sorry About Controversial Blog Post“[It] was meant to be satirical and funny. In rereading it … I don’t think it’s funny.”
  45. controversy
    James Gunn’s Old Blog Post Riles Up the InternetThe writer/director of Guardians of the Galaxy called X-Man Gambit a “Cajun fruit” and wrote many other unfortunate things.
  46. controversy
    No Doubt Pull ‘Looking Hot’ Video, Apologize to Native AmericansIt was not the most culturally sensitive.
  47. Unearthing Steve Allen and Lenny Bruce’s Unaired Discussion on Free SpeechThe Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio history. […]
  48. controversy
    WB Orders Gangster Squad Reshoot After Dark Knight ShootingTo take out a scene where a movie theater is shot up.
  49. Louis C.K. Brings the Sexy, Reads Blogs, Sticks it to the Mets (and Talks […] The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook Louis C.K. […]
  50. What Tosh-Gate Says about the State of Comedy Appreciation and Criticism […]When the Daniel Tosh firestorm started my initial reaction was to shrug and say “who cares?” It was a comedian making an off-hand offensive […]
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