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    Judd Apatow and Friends Talk Depression, Social Media, and Terrible TherapistsPatton Oswalt, Maria Bamford, and Gary Gulman are the perfect comedians for this kind of chat.
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    Eddie Murphy, Ricky Gervais, and More to Get Coffee in Cars With Jerry SeinfeldSeth Rogen, Melissa Villaseñor, Martin Short, and more will also show up.
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    Mo’Nique Regrets NothingTalking with the actor and comedian a year after she called for a Netflix boycott over alleged gender and racial bias.
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    Jon Stewart and Dave Chappelle Talk Trump, Sexism, and Louis C.K.The two sat down for a lengthy chat with Christiane Amanpour.
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    The TCGS Exit Interview: A Chat Between Chris Gethard and Brett DavisTwo comedians talk about the end of an era and what comes next.
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    What Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette Means to ComediansTwo stand-ups discuss why Hannah Gadsby’s Netflix special is so important.
  7. Lola Kirke, John Cho, and Aaron Katz on Punching Zoë Kravitz and Fame’s Pitfalls“Famous people will still check their tagged pictures on Instagram to make sure they look good.”
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    Which Princess Diana Documentary Should I Watch?There are a lot.
  9. Haley Joel Osment Turned Out Just FineAfter a hiatus, he’s popping up all over television.
  10. Why Sunday Night’s Episode of The Leftovers Was Inspired by Matt Zoller SeitzA conversation between Matt and Damon Lindelof.
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    Jimmy Smits on Playing Role Models, Villains, and Everything in Between“The machine of the business does jade you if you don’t find a way out of it.”
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    Lee Daniels on Star, Trump, and Why He’s Tired of Talking About Diversity“For somebody to sit there and talk about inclusion or diversity … get off your ass and do what I did.”
  13. the vulture tv podcast
    High Main Creators on Their First HBO Season“The Guy gets frustrated a lot more this season.”
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    Mike Schur on How Following the Rules Led Him to The Good Place“When I was a kid, I would learn rules and I would just say, ‘Okay, that’s the rule,’ and I would just do that.”
  15. the vulture tv podcast
    Mr. Robot Creator Sam Esmail on How He Handles Criticism of the Show“Everyone was bummed out [when people figured out the twist] because we were still shooting and everybody on set was like, Oh shit, this is fucked up.”
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    Landecker, Duplass, Hoffmann on TransparentThere’s a bit of a Grey Gardens situation going on.
  17. Justice Smith Almost Lost Himself in The Get Down“There were days I would just go home and bawl because the lines get blurred and you’re like, What is me and what is the character?
  18. conversations
    Justice Smith Almost Lost Himself in The Get Down“There were days I would just go home and bawl because the lines get blurred and you’re like, What is me and what is the character?” 
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    Roots’ Cast and Creators on Brutality on TV“I would rather someone say to me, ‘I couldn’t watch that, it was too painful,’ than, ‘You didn’t do that as authentically as you could have.’”
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    A Long Talk with Preacher’s Creators and StarsAnd also talk about acting with a guy whose face looks like an anus.
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    I Am Cait Season Finale Recap: Houston, We Have a ProblemLet the civil disobedience commence!
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    New Veep Showrunner David Mandel on Taking Over“If we’re not going to talk about race on Veep, I don’t know what we’re doing.”
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    I Am Cait Recap: Kiss and Make UpWho knew that an English professor from Maine would give such good reality TV?
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    I Am Cait Recap: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?For the first time in months, Cait spends time with Kris Kardashian.
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    I Am Cait Recap: Great Scott!Scott Disick meets Cait and the girls in St. Louis.
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    I Am Cait Recap: The Great DebateReligious or not, people want to know what it means to be Cait Jenner.
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    I Am Cait Recap: Partner UpIs Cait using Kylie and Kendall as an excuse to avoid dating?
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    I Am Cait Recap: The Trump ProblemWhy does Cait think Donald Trump would be good for women’s issues?
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    I Am Cait Season Premiere Recap: PolitickingCaitlyn Jenner’s diehard conservative values conflict with her professed dedication to trans rights.
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    Behind AMC’s Post–Mad Men Game Plan“We are not actively talking about the end of The Walking Dead.”
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    How Well Does Transparent Handle Life After Coming Out?Transparent has moved into territory that more closely mirrors the conversations, controversies, and struggles in the trans, lesbian, and queer communities.
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    I Am Cait Recap: Fresh Starts“For the first time, I feel like I fit in some place … being my authentic self.”
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    I Am Cait Recap: The Endless Drumbeat for ChangeWe need less talk, more action.
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    I Am Cait Recap: The Dating GameMen who are uncomfortable dating trans women are nothing new.
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    I Am Cait: The Guy FriendsBefore this episode, no guy friends had visited — only family members.
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    Caitlyn Jenner, the Oprah of the Trans Community?Look under your seats; they’re your identification documents with an updated gender markeeeeeeeeer!
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    I Am Cait Is Not About Caitlyn Jenner“Caitlyn could be the Barbara Walters of the trans community.”
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    Jack Antonoff on His New Web Series for GoogleThank You and Sorry debuts for free on Google Play on Tuesday.
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    Ben Savage on Girl Meets World“It’s kind of a nod to the Boy Meets World audience, like, ‘It’s okay to come back and join us.’” 
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    Sorkin on The Newsroom and Sounding SmartThe banter auteur is back on the small screen after a sojourn in Hollywood. And in talking about television, he just can’t contain himself.