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  1. upfronts 2016
    ABC Drops Agent Carter, Picks Up ConvictionYou say good-bye and Hayley Atwell says hello.
  2. Action Comedy Conviction Will Star Steve Carell As A Bank RobberSteve Carell’s loading up on the post-Office movies, first with Burt Wonderstone and now with an action comedy called Conviction. The film is […]
  3. movies
    Steve Carell to Produce and Star in Action-Turned-Comedy-Heist Film ConvictionIt was originally a drama.
  4. 2010
    Rachel Dratch on the Year in Boston AccentsWe got the native Masshole to weigh in on what was a remarkably active year for the Boston accent in pop culture.
  5. the star market
    The Star Market: Hilary Swank“She’s a woman without an audience, who’s a very, very good actress,” says one industry insider.
  6. movie review
    Movie Review: A Righteous, Belabored ConvictionWhat female star wouldn’t jump at such Oscar bait? Prepare the net: Here comes Hilary Swank!
  7. feuds
    Gloria Allred Is Not Going to See Hilary Swank’s New MovieIn fact, she’ll hold a press conference today bashing Swank’s ‘Conviction.’
  8. chat room
    Minnie Driver’s Excited About Conviction, Still Bummed About The Riches“I’d much rather have a noble failure than a crappy show that just got canceled.”
  9. trailer mix
    Conviction Trailer: Manipulating Your Need for KleenexHilary Swank stars in a weepie.