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  1. copy cats
    Made by Maddie Producers Claim They Did Not Plagiarize Short Film Hair LoveNickelodeon has canceled the show’s September 13 premiere.
  2. copycats
    One Direction Totally Meant to Copy the Clash“It’s kind of on purpose.”
  3. copycats
    Beach House Is Still Mad About That Volkswagen AdAnd they’re talking to the papers.
  4. copycats
    Snoop Dogg Wants to Do Like James Franco, Appear on a Soap OperaThe British ‘Coronation Street.’
  5. copycats
    The Grammys: Five Months Behind the VMAsBeyoncé, Lady Gaga, Green Day, P!nk, and Taylor Swift performed at both ceremonies.
  6. copycats
    Band That Sounds Exactly Like the Postal Service Claims Not to Have Been Influenced by Postal ServiceA likely story!