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  1. movie review
    Movie Review: ParaNorman Is a Charming, If Ambling, Animated FilmMade by the same studio that did Coraline, this 3-D animated movie is full of nostalgia for shlocky old horror flicks.
  2. kudos
    Up Wins the AnnieThis means that Oscar glory is likely nigh.
  3. best of 2009
    The Best Movies of 2009Studios made more money with fewer releases this year — but there were still too many great movies to fit on David Edelstein’s top ten list.
  4. kudos
    Inside the New York Film Critics Circle’s Votes’The Hurt Locker’ was a no-brainer, but things got tense deciding Best Screenplay.
  5. quote machine
    Even Tom Hanks Occasionally Feels Compelled to OversharePlus: Jon Hamm reveals his inspiration for the infamous ‘Mad Men’ fingerblasting scene.
  6. the industry
    Ron Weasley to Play Someone Other Than Ron WeasleyPlus: Stephin Merritt’s Neil Gaiman musical is ready for the stage.