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Cory Booker

  1. mwah
    Confirmed: Cory Booker and Rosario Dawson Are Dating“So far so wonderful, he’s a wonderful human being.”
  2. presidential thirst traps
    Full Frontal’s Ashley Nicole Black Is Running (for Cory Booker’s First Lady)“As a current hoe, my most important platform would be you. Also, I look amazing in gowns.”
  3. very jersey things
    Cory Booker Is Still Waiting on His Date With Mindy Kaling“She’s just an extraordinary force.”
  4. celebrity romances
    Did Cory Booker and Mindy Kaling Just Set Up a Real-Life Date Over Twitter?This romantic comedy is writing itself.
  5. beef
    The Great, Overshadowed Conan Versus Newark Feud Continues“Mayor Booker, now that I’ve established a beachhead, I’m going to begin my campaign to surround and crush you.”