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  1. Bill Cosby Case Ends in MistrialThe jury announced it was hopelessly deadlocked on the felony indecent-sexual-assault counts.
  2. Bill Cosby Jury Deliberations Could Continue Through SaturdayIt might appear that at least one or multiple jurors are having trouble with the legal definition of reasonable doubt.
  3. Bill Cosby’s Defense Butts Heads With Trial Judge, Asking for a Mistrial AgainAt one point, the two men talked over each other.
  4. What a Deadlocked Jury Could Mean in the Cosby CaseThe possible scenarios.
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    Judge Rules Camille Cosby Must Testify Again in Defamation SuitBut she likely won’t have to answer most of the questions.
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    Cosby Case Halts; Libel Accusers Target Q. JonesTwo big updates.
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    Bill Cosby’s Wife, Camille, Ordered to Testify in Civil Case Against HimShe’s been granted a delay in her deposition.
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    Bill Cosby Charged in 2004 Andrea Constand Sexual AssaultHe was arraigned on Wednesday and released on $1 million bail.
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    L.A. Prosecutors Are Looking Into Bill Cosby’s Alleged Playboy Mansion IncidentThe one from 2008, with Chloe Goins.
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    Bill Cosby Shows Why We Need Off-Limits JokesSome earth needs to be scorched and some envelopes need to be pushed.