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  1. cosplay
    Tessa Violet’s New Music Video Is Pure TwilightcoreWatch the artist formerly known as Meekakitty pay homage to 21st century cinema’s greatest scene: the Twilight baseball sequence.
  2. How Much Does It Cost to Make a Cosplay for Comic Con?Cosplay? More like cost-play.
  3. The Hottest Cosplayers at Comic-Con▶️ These cosplayers are sizzling.
  4. This Is What a $30,000 Cosplay Outfit Looks LikeThomas DePetrillo’s extreme costume business started with the sale of his car wash.
  5. These Elaborate Comic Con Cosplays All Cost More Than $1,000 to MakeThis is ambitious, very ambitious.
  6. sequential art
    Look at These Adorable Cats in Superhero CosplayKitty Ninjak is your new god.
  7. The Best Cosplay We Saw at San Diego Comic-ConSo much Harley Quinn.
  8. This Star Wars Cosplay Suit Cost $2,000 and Took a Year to BuildIt freaked people out at Comic-Con.
  9. This Homemade Iron Man Suit Is Great CosplayIt even has thruster jets.
  10. good looks
    Here Is Actress and Orc Shaman Jamie Lee Curtis at the Warcraft PremiereNote: Jamie Lee Curtis is not in the Warcraft movie.
  11. cosplay
    Inside the SI Yankees’ Game of Thrones NightGeorge R.R. Martin, Ghost the wolf IRL, and lots of “shame!” chants.
  12. haterology
    Kevin Smith’s Cute Instagram Photo Draws Vile Comments“Fat guy, bet I can still make him cry.”
  13. robert downey jr. would’ve definitely showed up if you had called him
    Fake-Gun Iron Man 3 Promo Does Not Go As PlannedGunplay and cosplay are not the best mix for a movie theater.
  14. cosplay
    Cat Sticks His Face Through Cardboard, and It’s ArtAnime goes ani-meow!
  15. Good Morning! This Horrifying Simpsons Cosplay Will Give You NightmaresCosplay, in which fans of entertainment properties dress up as characters from said properties, is popular in places like Harajuku and Comic […]
  16. movies
    The Disney Princesses Do Zombie Cosplay“Up where they walk, up where they run, up where they BRAINS.”