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Cougar Town Videos

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    Watch Cougar Town’s Cast Try Not to Spill WineEnjoy the no-spill cheers.
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    Watch Cougar Town’s Cast Guess Which Story Lines Almost HappenedAre Jules and Ellie jealous of a 10-year-old? What is a “hot-tub window”?
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    Watch Cougar Town’s Cast Tell You Why You Should Skip Valentine’s Day to Watch Their ShowThey want you to stay home and watch their show.
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    Watch a Preview From Cougar Town’s New EpisodesHuman Whac-A-Mole and more fun with red wine.
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    Watch Cougar Town’s Last Actor vs. Writer StandoffBecause the show is back on TV on April 18.
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    Watch Cougar Town’s Resident ‘Weird Creepy Guy’ Try to Prove He Has RangeBob Clendenin, Jule’s neighbor, puts on an acting class.
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    Watch Busy Philipps Try to Get the Cougar Town Writers to Actually WriteShe only wants two sentences.
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    Watch Cougar Town’s Josh Hopkins Prove He’s the Show’s Musical GeniusIt’s pretty convincing.
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    Watch Cougar Town’s Actors Face Off Against Cougar Town’s Writers on VultureWe kick off with Dan Byrd, who plays Courteney Cox’s long-suffering son, Travis.