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    See the New Self-Deprecating Poster for Cougar TownCougar Town loves itself — with exceptions, of course.
  2. The Cougar Town Gang Will Troop Back to the Cul de Sac Starting Feb. 14Just as we suspected, Cougar Town will replace the late, great Work It Tuesdays at 8:30 on ABC, effective Feb. 14. Welcome back, Penny Can […]
  3. lineups
    ABC Announces Premiere Dates for New Series, But Not Cougar TownAnd there’s still hope for Pan Am.
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    Cougar Town’s Third Season Sounds Pretty CuteFeel free to air this show, ABC.
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    Cougar Town Viewing Parties Coming to a City Near YouNew episodes, free penny cans.
  6. ABC’s Midseason Schedule Is Missing Don’t Trust the B— and CougartownABC released its midseason lineup, which includes one new comedy (it’s the one about guys who cross-dress to get ahead in a “woman’s world.” […]
  7. ABC’s Mid-Season Schedule: Still No Cougar TownMan Up’s as good as gone, but what about Pan Am?
  8. ratings
    ABC Revived the TV Comedy With Modern Family, But Does That Make It a Hit Network?’Suburgatory’ is working, but ‘Man Up’ is fading.
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    Cougar Town Cast Members Will Be Popping Up All Over TVJust like they did on ‘Community.’
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    Network Status Report: With Its Past Hits Fading, Can ABC Rebound With New Soapy Ones?Will ‘Revenge’ be the next ‘Desperate Housewives’?
  11. Scrubs, Cougar Town Creator Cranks Out Another OneCreator of Scrubs and Cougar Town Bill Lawrence sold a show to Fox reports Deadline, his second project to sell this season after CBS purchased […]
  12. Check Out Abed from Community’s Amazing Cameo on Cougar Town Remember when, earlier this season on Community, Abed had a long monologue about the time he had a background role on his favorite show, […]
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    Cougar Town Recap: AdventurelandThe gang heads to Hawaii to get Travis, and Jules and Grayson have the baby talk.
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    Watch Community’s Danny Pudi Cameo on Cougar TownOh, Abed.
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    Cougar Town Recap: The Spinner“You might as well just throw your money in a hole.” “That is the game.”
  16. explainer
    Cougar Town’s Bill Lawrence Talks About Mid-Season Move“I’m not that bummed out.”
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    Cougar Town Recap: Family TiesNia Vardalos comes to visit. And someone is promised weiner snigelettes.
  18. overnights
    Cougar Town Recap: Brass RingsTravis proposes, Jules tries to live on a houseboat.
  19. overnights
    Cougar Town Recap: Help Me Help YouIntroducing the Walk of Awesome.
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    Buy Your Own ‘Big Joe’–Cougar Town Wine GlassR.I.P., Big Joe.
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    Watch a Preview From Cougar Town’s New EpisodesHuman Whac-A-Mole and more fun with red wine.
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    Watch Cougar Town’s Last Actor vs. Writer StandoffBecause the show is back on TV on April 18.
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    Watch Cougar Town’s Resident ‘Weird Creepy Guy’ Try to Prove He Has RangeBob Clendenin, Jule’s neighbor, puts on an acting class.
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    Watch Busy Philipps Try to Get the Cougar Town Writers to Actually WriteShe only wants two sentences.
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    Watch Cougar Town’s Josh Hopkins Prove He’s the Show’s Musical GeniusIt’s pretty convincing.
  26. exclusive
    Watch Cougar Town’s Actors Face Off Against Cougar Town’s Writers on VultureWe kick off with Dan Byrd, who plays Courteney Cox’s long-suffering son, Travis.
  27. coincidences
    Alert: Dead Birds Now Showing Up on Prime-Time-TV ShowsFirst they fall out of the sky, then they fall out of the sky on ‘Parenthood.’ Freaky!
  28. ABC Adding a Three-Hour Comedy Block to Wednesday NightsNBC isn’t the only network adding a supersized 3-hour comedy block to their schedule; ABC is doing the same thing on Wednesdays starting in […]
  29. scheduling
    ABC To Bench Cougar Town, Create 3-Hour Comedy BlockThe network will replace Courteney Cox’s comedy with one from former ‘Friends’ co-star Matthew Perry.
  30. exclusive
    Cougar Town Creator to Warner Bros.?Bill Lawrence may be headed to Warner Bros.
  31. psa
    Cougar Town Explains the Dangers of the Neti PotAnd it is awesome.
  32. drinking games
    Cougar Town: The Most Pro-Alcohol Show on TVCourteney Cox and Co. love them some wine.
  33. the vulture transcript
    Cougar Town Co-Creator Bill Lawrence Details How He Fixed His Broken Show“We never thought we’d be 100 percent telling the story of Courteney fucking young guys like Samantha from ‘Sex and the City.’”
  34. drunk friends
    Jennifer Aniston Guest-Starring on Cougar Town Premiere’Friends’ reunion!
  35. neighborhooding
    ABC Is Going to Rename Cougar Town Even If It Has to Invent a Word to Do SoNeighborhooding is the word.
  36. name game
    Cougar Town Should Totally Be Called FriendsSince that’s what it’s about.
  37. just do it
    Will They/Won’t They Sitcom Couples: Gone?Or at least ‘Cougar Town’ and ‘Community.’
  38. sitcoms
    ABC Wednesdays Will Remain FunnyAll thanks to Ed O’Neill.
  39. sitcoms
    Will American Idol Kill Modern Family?Fox pits its juggernaut show against the little sitcom that (so far) could.
  40. tweets
    Busy Phillips Says Cougar Town Shutdown No Big Deal‘We’re back shooting after Thanksgiving,’ she tweeted.
  41. i’m just about starvin’ tonight
    ‘Family Matters’ Shut Down Production on Cougar TownSadly, this has nothing to do with Urkel.
  42. the industry
    Samuel L. Jackson Kills Congressman for CBSPlus: Wilmer Valderrama! Monsters! Dashed dreams!
  43. surf
    Emily Nussbaum Wants You to Watch The Middle, Hate-Watch Cougar TownAnd so it shall be!
  44. summertime blues
    Summer Doldrums Hit ABC Hard As Network Ties an All-time Ratings LowFall can’t come soon enough for Steve McPherson and company.
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    David Cronenberg Set to Do Creepy Things to Tom Cruise and Denzel WashingtonPlus: Freddy’s back.
  46. the industry
    Samuel L. Jackson to Play Baddest Mofo Lowdown Around This TownAlso: Are you ready for ‘Cougar Town’?