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  1. nme awards 2020
    Taylor Kissing Joe and Everything Else You Missed at the Chaotic 2020 NME AwardsJust, y’know, some casual PDA and misogyny.
  2. old hollywood
    Courtney Love Has the Best Elizabeth Taylor StoriesThey all involve diamonds, naturally.
  3. where's the beef?
    Courtney Love’s Incredibly Petty Feud With Kathleen Hanna Lives On“Hanna is a good hype man. But her persona is such a diy nonsense dilettante.”
  4. Frances Bean Cobain’s Ex Is Suing Her Mom for Alleged Plot to Kidnap & Kill HimDefendants in the suit filed by Isaiah Silva include former Britney Spears manager Sam Lutfi and 13 Reasons Why’s Ross Butler.
  5. the menendez brothers
    Courtney Love Will Star in Lifetime’s Menendez Brothers MovieCourtney Love will play Kitty Menendez.
  6. casting couch
    Courtney Love to Fully Creep You Out on LifetimeIt’s Shakespeare and Love.
  7. cease and desist letters
    Courtney Love Calls Cobain Docudrama Defamatory“The Film falsely presents a widely and repeatedly debunked conspiracy theory that accuses Ms. Cobain of orchestrating the death of her husband Kurt Cobain.”
  8. haters
    Kurt Cobain Dressed Up As Hitler in a DressSurprisingly, for a good reason.
  9. rental opportunities
    Kurt and Courtney’s Old L.A. Apartment Is Available on AirbnbIt’s much cleaner than it used to be. 
  10. celebrity kids
    Frances Bean Cobain Isn’t a Nirvana FanShocking.
  11. My Wild Oscar-Party Night With Courtney Love and Jessica LangeAn excerpt from Kevin Sessums’s memoir, I Left It on the Mountain.
  12. chatroom
    Courtney Love on Playing Empire’s Resident Rock Diva“This is some dark stuff.”
  13. empire
    Courtney Love to Sing Al Green on Empire TonightShe plays a washed-up star from the label’s past. 
  14. classical music review
    Classical Music Review: The Prototype FestivalCan it grow without disappointing those who treasure it most?
  15. music
    Lana Del Rey and Courtney Love Will Tour Together Next YearThe friends that tweet about vaginas together stay together.
  16. overnights
    Sons of Anarchy Recap: Live Through ThisHello, Courtney Love.
  17. courtney love
    This 2010 Courtney Love Performance Is a Beautiful Mess“Sweetie, I don’t need my voice, so I can lose it.”
  18. romance
    Rumored New Couple Alert: Courtney Love and Aaron SorkinThis is great (even if it’s not true).
  19. live through this
    Courtney Love on Etsy, OITNB, and Her Upcoming Memoir“I will explain in detail why I wasn’t in Girl, Interrupted, why I wasn’t in The Matrix.”
  20. last night on late night
    Last Night on Ferguson: Courtney Love’s Past and Imagined LoversIncluding what could’ve been a fairytale life as Mrs. Edward Norton, and a one-night stand set up by Princess Leia.
  21. Courtney Love Joins Stephen Dorff to Encourage Gen-Xers to Smoke e-CigarettesIt’s like quitting smoking, but cooler! 
  22. party chat
    Mark Ruffalo Misses the Courtney Love Who’d Punch a Dude“I miss Courtney Love getting in fights … What happened to that Courtney Love?”
  23. clickables
    Here Is Courtney Love’s Cover of ‘99 Problems’Oh boy.
  24. clarifications
    Courtney Love Says the Nirvana Musical Is Off“Sometimes it’s best to leave things alone.”
  25. bright ideas
    Courtney Love Is Reportedly Working on a Nirvana Broadway MusicalWhat could go wrong?
  26. glee
    Watch Glee Cover Courtney LoveCourtney, care to weigh in?
  27. real talk
    Courtney Love to Lana Del Rey: ‘Think About My Vagina’Valuable advice.
  28. the law
    Courtney Love Sued by Former AssistantFor unpaid wages and “despicable conduct.”
  29. thank god for courtney love
    Courtney Love Has a Fabulous Morning RitualStart your day off right.
  30. sad things
    Courtney Love Lost the Rights to Kurt Cobain’s Image And now Frances Bean controls it.
  31. reunions
    Courtney Love Picked a Weird Time to Reunite HoleTogether for the first time since 1999, they jammed “Miss World” and “Over The Edge.”
  32. beef
    Frances Bean Cobain Denies Her Mom’s ‘Gross’ Dave Grohl StoryShe denies the Dave Grohl story.
  33. the law
    Courtney Love’s Twitter Might Land Her a Jury TrialOh boy.
  34. drugs are bad
    Courtney Love Still Being Courtney Love“I just hired a Tibetan woman whose entire job is to help me chant.”
  35. courtney love
    Watch Courtney Love Go Ballistic on a Fan Holding a Picture of Kurt Cobain (Language NSFW)Courtney Love hates when you hold up pictures of Kurt Cobain. She also might hate Dave Grohl, too?
  36. books
    Courtney Love Is Writing a Tell-All MemoirIt’ll be out next fall.
  37. antics
    FDNY Shows Up to Extinguish Minor Fire at Courtney Love’s TownhouseShe’s uninjured.
  38. clickables
    Watch Courtney Love Rant About Sobriety, Saving Kelly Osbourne’s LifeBonus fun fact: Courtney Love enjoys pink wine!
  39. vulture lists
    10 Possible Charlie Sheen Replacements Who Might Get Us to Watch Two and a Half MenMolly Ringwald. You’re so there.
  40. the law
    Courtney Love’s Twitter Finally Gets Her SuedIt was only a matter of time, right?
  41. courtney love
    Courtney Love Well on Her Way to Joining Ranks of British SocietyThe latest chapter in the Courtney Love saga.
  42. clickables
    Watch Courtney Love Brainstorm for Her New Reality Show, Rock ChicksDon’t miss the mood boards!
  43. courtney love
    10 Highlights From the Times Profile of a Naked Courtney Love“She grabbed a trench coat, walked through the hotel lobby with her breasts exposed to an assortment of prominent fashion figures, including Stefano Pilati, the Yves Saint Laurent designer, and then exited the hotel.”
  44. save courtney
    Courtney Love Is Literally Crying for Help at This PointFollowing a messy rendition of “Like a Prayer,” Love asked the audience to save her from herself.
  45. tv
    Claire Danes Visibly Repulsed by Courtney LoveAt the Narciso Rodriguez show on Tuesday, Claire gave Courtney a “look of death.”
  46. music
    Watch Courtney Love Cover Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’Love made up some of her own words the other night during a show at Don Hill’s.
  47. last night's gig
    Courtney Love Covers Lady Gaga, Curses at Fans at Don Hill’s‘“Shut the fuck up, or I’m walking the fuck off. I mean it.’
  48. quote machine
    Kiernan Shipka Has Seen Parts of Mad MenPlus: Christopher Walken to blame for Kat Dennings’s acting.
  49. celebrity skin
    Owing to Buddhist Differences, the Original Hole Will Never ReuniteCourtney Love explains it all.
  50. tv
    Watch Courtney Love’s Behind the Music in Its EntiretyAll one and a half hours of it.
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