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  1. cover story
    Inside Netflix’s TV-Swallowing, Market-Dominating Binge FactoryThe streaming service is hiring everybody in Hollywood to make more shows than any network ever has, and it already knows which ones you’ll like.
  2. Natalie Portman Is Jackie KennedyIn the midst of newfound political turmoil, the actress revives the First Lady, whose private resolve and public grace held the nation together.
  3. In Conversation: Louis C.K.Talking feminism and optimism with the comedian who upended the conventions of TV comedy.
  4. cover story
    Drake’s Views From the 6 Art Has Brave Guy on ItHeights, shmeights.
  5. vulture cover story
    Can the Art World Take James Franco Seriously?In conversation with Jerry Saltz, the celebrity makes a case for his art.
  6. Can the Art World Take James Franco Seriously?In conversation with Jerry Saltz, the celebrity makes a case for his art.
  7. cover story
    Anthony Daniels on 4 Decades of Life As C-3PO“People say, ‘What’s it like to go back to C-3PO?’ Well, I never left him.”
  8. Anthony Daniels on 4 Decades of Life As C-3POAfter four decades in the C-3PO suit, Anthony Daniels is Star Wars’ most special effect of all.
  9. The Big Short Will Make You Furious All Over Again About 2008The pitchfork mobs didn’t quite make it to Wall Street. So seven years later, the man who brought you Anchorman decided to give it another go.
  10. Samuel L. Jackson, Tarantino’s Leading ManSix collaborations in, no one understands the director’s vision better.
  11. in conversation
    In Conversation With Quentin TarantinoMidway through his eighth movie, the director discusses writing scripts by hand, ‘90s nostalgia, and becoming — relatively — mellow with time.
  12. tv
    David Chase on the Legacy of Twin PeaksThe Sopranos creator talks to Matt Zoller Seitz about the surreal brilliance of (the hopefully returning!) series.
  13. across the streaming-verse
    How Amazon Became the Moneyball NetworkIt’s turned last-dibs status into a competitive advantage.
  14. late night
    The Greatest Jokes That Letterman Never ToldLate Night and Late Show vets recall their most memorable rejections.
  15. The Greatest Jokes That Letterman Never ToldLate Night and Late Show vets recall their most memorable rejections.
  16. tv
    146 Moments From the Last Year in TV in One Handy GraphicThe deaths, kisses, twists, and trysts that got you talking.
  17. profile
    Will Forte on Last Man on Earth’s Second Season“It’s always the polite ones that end up using their pool as a restroom.”
  18. cover story
    This Is Really the Cover of Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IVIt is adorable.
  19. cover story
    Lady Gaga Is a MotorcycleSee the album cover for ‘Born This Way.’
  20. cover story
    Behold: The Strokes’ Album CoverM.C. Escher lives.
  21. cover story
    Julian Casablancas Goads New Strokes Album Fervor With Fake Cover“Exclusive — check out the new Strokes album cover … ”
  22. cover story
    This Is Kanye’s Real Album CoverIt may be familiar.
  23. cover story
    Kanye’s Album Cover ‘Banned’“Yoooo they banned my album cover!!!!!”
  24. cover story
    T.I. Stood Next to a Real Lion for His Album Cover“I went and told them, ‘Get me as close as you can to a lion.’”
  25. cover story
    MIA Strikes Back at YouTube via Bad Album CoverCheck it out, if you dare.
  26. cover story
    This Is Really the Cover of Drake’s AlbumBut why?
  27. cover story
    James Murphy Doesn’t Look As Excited for the New LCD Soundsystem Album As We AreThe album gets a title and a cover.
  28. cover story
    The Hold Steady’s New Album Cover: What Does It All Mean?It’s a photo of a hand.
  29. cover story
    What’s MGMT Telling Us With Their New Album Cover?Let’s take a close look together.
  30. cover story
    Chris Brown Attempts to Create Diversion With Stupid New Album CoverBy sheer coincidence, Brown unveils his ridiculous album cover on the day details of Rihanna’s GMA interview leak.
  31. cover story
    Curtain Pulled Back on Genius Wizard of Poetry Cover ArtistMeet the guy who made Ghostface’s insane new cover art.
  32. cover story
    The Cover of Snoop Dogg’s New Album Has It AllBuxom women in martini glasses, skeletons wearing sunglasses …
  33. cover story
    Photo for Cover of Morrissey’s New Album Taken Before Morrissey Was ReadySerendipitously, it is awesome.
  34. cover story
    Ghostface Wasn’t Kidding About That Wizard of Oz ThingNow this is an album cover.
  35. cover story
    What’s on Eminem’s Mind?The cover of ‘Relapse’ says a thousand words.
  36. cover story
    Kelly Clarkson SucksKelly Clarkson’s 2007 beef with Clive Davis is in no way reflected in the cover to her latest single.
  37. cover story
    New Beck Album Revisits ‘Highway 61’’Highway 61 Revisited is one of the first great anti-covers. Dylan looks burnt, shirt wrinkled — like he’s waiting for catering at the gig or something,’ Beck once wrote.
  38. cover story
    Nas Steadfastly Determined to Please Record CompanyNas’s ongoing efforts to make his upcoming untitled ninth album the most commercial, easily marketable one of his career continue.
  39. cover story
    Lil Wayne Replaces Baby Nas and Baby Biggie as Hip-Hop’s Most Adorable InfantWho would’ve ever guessed that the man who wrote some of the dirtiest rhymes we’ve ever heard was so adorable as a baby?
  40. cover story
    Jimi Hendrix Sex Tape Has Best-Looking Sex-Tape Cover EverThe cover looks so legit that we wonder why today’s hot twentysomething stars don’t record sex tapes as a kind of retirement plan.
  41. cover story
    Confirmed: Rivers Cuomo Can Grow Facial Hair, Kind OfDear Lord in Heaven, is this actually the cover of the new Weezer album?
  42. cover story
    Why Was Vulture’s Cover-Story Idea Rejected?Sometimes it’s really hard to be so far ahead of the curve.
  43. cover story
    Illustrator Jordan Crane Reinvents the Dust JacketCheck out the beautiful cover Crane designed for Michael Chabon’s ‘Maps and Legends’!
  44. cover story
    What Does It Say on Madonna’s Championship Belt?Deciphering the cover of Madge’s new album.
  45. cover story
    Ya Boy: Rapper in DisguiseBay–area rap stages a comeback, thanks to one man’s awesome mixtape cover.
  46. cover story
    ‘Nim’s Island’ Is Jodie Foster’s Second Fake Appearance on a ‘New York’ CoverPlus: Spidey makes the cover!
  47. cover story
    ‘Nim’s Island’ Trailer Includes a Special Guest Appearance By … ‘New York’?We especially love the rooflines.
  48. cover story
    Cartoonist Craig Thompson Gives Grammys the Tiniest Smidgen of CredWho would ever have thought the Grammys would nominate Menomena?
  49. cover story
    ‘TV Guide’ Spoils ‘Grey’s Anatomy’Be very, very careful when standing in the checkout line.
  50. cover story
    Britney’s Real Album Cover Is Worse Than All the Fake Album Covers We SawBlackout!
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