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    Kanye West Meets Takashi MurakamiWhat is Kanye saying, exactly?
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    Beck and Ryan Adams Design Books, Don’t Embarrass ThemselvesPenguin has musicians design book covers for their favorite Penguin Classics.
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    Magazine-Cover Retouching, Russian Style (Update: Or Not)Who the hell is that on the cover of Russian Vogue?
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    Remy Ma’s Khrist ComplexWhat Would Shesus Do?
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    Harry Potter Rides a Freaking Dragon
  6. cover story
    Pardon Us, Ryan Adams, Do You Have the Time?
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    Harry Potter and the Uninvited Guest
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    Do the Smashing Pumpkins Love Third-Tier Jake Gyllenhaal Movies?
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    White Stripes Exhausted By Fanatical Devotion to Red, White and Black