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Crackpot Theories

  1. crackpot theories
    Is Mr. Feeny a Ghost on Girl Meets World?Fee-hee-heeny.
  2. crackpot theories
    A Close Examination of Today’s Harry Potter UpdateSo … Charlie Weasley is gay.
  3. season finales
    10 Theories About What Might Happen in Mad Men’s Mid-Season FinaleFrom the plausible to the semi-kooky, here are 10 theories about what could happen in Sunday’s finale.
  4. crackpot theories
    Cristin Milioti Deflects HIMYM Death Questions“That’s insane,” she says. Which is not a denial.
  5. crackpot theories
    5 Theories Based on Last Night’s Breaking BadWhat does it mean to wear beige? (Something bad.)
  6. crackpot theories
    A Wizard of Oz Theory that Will Distract You for the Rest of Your LifeWho rang that bell?
  7. crackpot theories
    The Lafayette Theory of True BloodWhen his story lines are good, the show is good. Otherwise …
  8. apropos of nothing
    Is Ryan on ‘The Office’ a Thinly Veiled Ben Silverman?Our ears perked up during last night’s season premiere of The Office, when onetime temp Ryan, now promoted to corporate in New York, described himself as a “wunderkind.”