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  1. how stuff works
    Drew Barrymore Does Not Understand How Birdhouses Work“I need to know because every time I stare at it, it gives me anxiety. Like, do they have to force themselves through there?”
  2. phantom thread
    How Phantom Thread Made Toast IrritatingAnd captured the sound of fabric.
  3. crafts
    Taylor Swift Made an Elaborate Drake NeedlepointFor Ed Sheeran.
  4. clear eyes full hearts hang in your bathroom
    CineStitch: The Best of Etsy’s Film and TV Embroidery Put these on the wall and be inspired by film and TV, every day.
  5. there’s always money in a…
    A Tour of Great Arrested Development Etsy CraftsSo many Tobias tchotchkes.
  6. parks and recreation
    See Two Parks and Recreation–Themed QuiltsFinally, we can wrap ourselves in Ron Swanson!
  7. emmy rossum
    Check Out Emmy Rossum’s Homemade HairpinEat your heart out, Katniss.
  8. crafts
    Watch a Sweet, DIY Birthday Wish Made With a FlipbookHappy 20th birthday, Emma! Let’s celebrate with an adorable flipbook video!
  9. clickables
    Make Your Own Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Out of Office SuppliesIt’s crafting for geeks.
  10. clickables
    Watch Amy Sedaris Perform Some Cattail Craft MagicPlus: can-lid wind chimes.