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  1. How Crash Crashed the OscarsAn oral history of a Best Picture shocker.
  2. leave the driving to us
    At the Armory Art Show, Watch an Actual Car Commit Slow-Motion SuicideJonathan Schipper’s Slow Motion Car Crash is not a metaphor for the art market.
  3. oscar mistakes
    Crash’s Director Disagees With His Oscar Win Too“Is it a great film? I don’t know.”
  4. show me the money
    Matt Dillon Latest Person to Sue CrashFor $100,000.
  5. kudos
    Bullock, Bridges, and Basterds Big Winners at SAG AwardsSandra Bullock thanks ‘Crash.’
  6. lists
    Movies About Racism Are Usually Kind of RacistLike American History X, for example.
  7. darling nikki
    Nikki Finke Adds Crash to Her Personal Canon of Extraordinary FilmsWho knew?
  8. the industry
    Amy Poehler to Serve Up Mashed Potatoes, Salisbury Steak — and JusticePlus: ‘Fela!’ moving to Broadway.
  9. unsolved mysteries
    Who’s Still Netflixing Crash?Why is ‘Crash’ still No. 1 on the Netflix top 100?
  10. vulture lists
    10 Lamest Liberal MoviesFrom Tim Robbins to Michael Moore to Steven Seagal, the movies that would make Karl Marx vote McCain.
  11. trailer mix
    Trailer for ‘Crash’ TV Show Promises Heavier-Handed Lessons, Even More Inane CoincidencesYou’re racist!
  12. quote machine
    Ellen Page Is Neither Molly Ringwald Nor Ally SheedyEverything Ellen Page says is charming and adorable!
  13. countdown
    Fans of Latent Racism Rejoice: ‘Crash’ Gets Its Own TV Show!After inexplicably sitting atop the Netflix Top 100 for the past two years, Paul Haggis’s racism drama Crash is finally getting its own TV mini-series.
  14. the early-evening news
    Quarterlife Ratings Are Through a Very Low RoofPlus news on Where the Wild Things Are, Walk Hard, and Evel Knievel.
  15. the early word
    Script From New Paul Haggis Project LeakedJudging from the snatches of dialogue (paired with appropriate bit of imagery) that you’ll find after the jump, we suspect In Valley of Elah will polarize movie fans.