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Crazy Ex Girlfriend Songs

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    This Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Video Will Help You Justify That Toxic RelationshipA duet!
  2. exclusive
    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Tackles the Glorious, Bloody Joy of Childbirth in New Video“Tear, tear, tear goes your vagina.”
  3. right-click
    Here Are Rachel Bloom’s Favorite Songs From Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season TwoThere are now 88 songs in the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend catalog.
  4. the rom com lives
    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Showrunners Break Down 9 Songs From Season TwoWhy they “went to battle” to keep their favorite songs on the show.
  5. exclusive
    The Story Behind Rebecca Bunch’s Blonde Makeover on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend“Every makeover song ends with someone having a stroke.”
  6. live performances
    Rachel Bloom Sings Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Song LiveIt’s one of your favorites from season one. 
  7. roll clip!
    Rebecca, Josh Contemplate Sex in New CXG SongCue the smooth saxophone. 
  8. backstories
    Rachel Bloom Tells the Stories Behind 8 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Songs“Every song has its own little story of how it came to be.”