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  1. my trilogy is dropping
    Joshua Bassett Releases a Trilogy of Music VideosHe asked fans to not send hate ahead of the songs’ release.
  2. the mooch goes hollywood
    Anthony Scaramucci Has Hired the Publicist Who Represented Monica LewinskyThe Mooch has joined forces with a crisis-communications specialist.
  3. the industry
    Which 2014 Network and Cable Shows Still Face Cancellation?Which network and cable shows that debuted or returned this year are still awaiting their fates? Let’s break it down.
  4. tv review
    Seitz: NBC’s Believe and Crisis Should Have Both Been MiniseriesThere’s not much evidence that either show can spin its plot out more than a season.
  5. tv review
    TV Review: NBC’s Crisis Is All Heist, No Jewels Does everyone in the FBI have to be so stupid and boring?
  6. we were on a break
    NBC’s Political Drama Crisis Pauses ProductionThat’s the one with Dermot Mulroney and Gillian Anderson.