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  1. shondaland
    Hallelujah! A Scandal–HTGAWM Crossover Episode Is HappeningThank you Mother Earth, a.k.a. Shonda Rhimes.
  2. crossover episodes
    What Worked and What Didn’t on Family Guy’s Simpsons CrossoverFrom the hippie-murderers joke to the policeman’s ball gag … er, joke.
  3. crossover episodes
    Family Guy Meets The Simpsons in Crossover ClipPlus a cameo from Bob of Bob’s Burgers!
  4. crossover episodes
    A Simpsons-Futurama Crossover Episode Is Coming in 2014It’s Bart vs. Bender!
  5. crossover episodes
    Family Guy and The Simpsons Will Finally MeetQuahog or Springfield?