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  1. the archie comics universe
    You Win, Teens, That Riverdale and Sabrina Crossover Is Finally HappeningThere’s a minor catch.
  2. crossovers
    Young Sheldon to Defy Space and Time to Appear in Big Bang TheoryWho wants to place their bets on a wormhole?
  3. easter eggs
    Holy Fork, Did You Spot Li’l Sebastian on The Good Place?The Parks and Recreation icon paid an afterlife visit to Michael’s neighborhood.
  4. crossovers
    Sabrina Almost Showed Up on Riverdale Before She Got Her Own Show“We talked about the season one cliffhanger being the arrival of Sabrina.”
  5. close reads
    Why the Scandal–HTGAWM Crossover Is So UniqueOlivia Pope’s partnership with Annalise Keating isn’t just a prime-time gimmick.
  6. crossovers
    The Scandal—HTGAWM Crossover Will Have So Many Power HandbagsSee Olivia and Annalise together for the first time.
  7. Aimee Mann’s Best Comedy Crossover Moments Before deciding on a title for her new album, Aimee Mann told a friend that her record was full of her “usual songs about mental illness.” […]
  8. Ryan Reynolds and James Mangold Deny Deadpool’s Logan AppearanceLogan director James Mangold told fans Deadpool is “not in my film.”
  9. last night on late night
    Jimmy Kimmel Visits The SimpsonsJimmy dares to question The Simpsons’ reality.
  10. crossovers
    Shark Tank and Dr. Ken Will Have a Crossover EpisodeThe sharks will meet a younger entrepreneur than they’re used to.
  11. crossovers
    The Guardians of the Galaxy Will Be in Avengers: Infinity WarVin Diesel announced it.
  12. TV’s 11 Most Memorable Crossover Episodes Remember that time The X-Files turned into an episode of Cops?
  13. gilmore girls
    Mae Whitman Joins Gilmore Girls RevivalCrossover!
  14. crossovers
    Here’s a Behind-the-Scenes Supergirl-Flash PicJust to tide you over till the real thing.
  15. superheroes
    DC Could Beat Marvel at Its Own Film-and-TV GamePrepare yourself for the power of a “multiverse.”
  16. Kristen Bell Will Guest-Star on iZombieZombie meets private eye.
  17. ‘The Simpsons’ Will Host a ‘Futurama’ CrossoverHot on the heels of last week’s news that Family Guy is hosting a crossover with The Simpsons in 2014 comes the announcement of on another […]
  18. crossovers
    Rick Ross Is Getting Into Acting NowOn Magic City.
  19. crossovers
    Glee and Archie Comics, Together at LastThe New Directions, now with Archie and Jughead.
  20. crossovers
    See Vulture’s Game of ThronesParks and Rec Crossover PosterWe got your #ThronesandRecreation right here.
  21. crossovers
    Katy Perry Wore a Mustache on National Television Last NightOn Raising Hope.
  22. crossovers
    James Murphy Is an Actor NowIn a Sundance movie, no less.
  23. crossovers
    Is Kelly Clarkson a Country Star in Denial?Just maybe!
  24. crossovers
    House’s Hugh Laurie Will Record Blues RecordHe promises “no one will get hurt.”
  25. crossovers
    Bunny Colvin Meets Your MotherLike Stringer Bell before him, Bunny Colvin’s doing comedy now, too.
  26. crossovers
    Jimmy Barrett Joins the Dharma InitiativeLast night witnessed a historic TV crossover moment.