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  1. crossovers
    Normal People Slide Into the Confessional With Fleabag’s Hot PriestBefore transporting us forty years into the future for Older Normal People.
  2. crossovers
    How High Maintenance Found Itself in Conversation With This American LifeFor its season premiere, the web series turned HBO anthology looked to another long-running series to find inspiration, and a path forward.
  3. crossovers
    Yas, Did You Catch That Quick Queer Eye Cameo in Stranger Things?Netflix synergy!
  4. crossovers
    Every Pretty Little Liars Callback in The PerfectionistsSurprise! Spencer and Toby got married.
  5. the archie comics universe
    You Win, Teens, That Riverdale and Sabrina Crossover Is Finally HappeningThere’s a minor catch.
  6. crossovers
    Young Sheldon to Defy Space and Time to Appear in Big Bang TheoryWho wants to place their bets on a wormhole?
  7. easter eggs
    Holy Fork, Did You Spot Li’l Sebastian on The Good Place?The Parks and Recreation icon paid an afterlife visit to Michael’s neighborhood.
  8. crossovers
    Sabrina Almost Showed Up on Riverdale Before She Got Her Own Show“We talked about the season one cliffhanger being the arrival of Sabrina.”
  9. close reads
    Why the Scandal–HTGAWM Crossover Is So UniqueOlivia Pope’s partnership with Annalise Keating isn’t just a prime-time gimmick.
  10. crossovers
    The Scandal—HTGAWM Crossover Will Have So Many Power HandbagsSee Olivia and Annalise together for the first time.
  11. Aimee Mann’s Best Comedy Crossover Moments Before deciding on a title for her new album, Aimee Mann told a friend that her record was full of her “usual songs about mental illness.” […]
  12. Ryan Reynolds and James Mangold Deny Deadpool’s Logan AppearanceLogan director James Mangold told fans Deadpool is “not in my film.”
  13. last night on late night
    Jimmy Kimmel Visits The SimpsonsJimmy dares to question The Simpsons’ reality.
  14. crossovers
    Shark Tank and Dr. Ken Will Have a Crossover EpisodeThe sharks will meet a younger entrepreneur than they’re used to.
  15. crossovers
    The Guardians of the Galaxy Will Be in Avengers: Infinity WarVin Diesel announced it.
  16. TV’s 11 Most Memorable Crossover Episodes Remember that time The X-Files turned into an episode of Cops?
  17. gilmore girls
    Mae Whitman Joins Gilmore Girls RevivalCrossover!
  18. crossovers
    Here’s a Behind-the-Scenes Supergirl-Flash PicJust to tide you over till the real thing.
  19. superheroes
    DC Could Beat Marvel at Its Own Film-and-TV GamePrepare yourself for the power of a “multiverse.”
  20. Kristen Bell Will Guest-Star on iZombieZombie meets private eye.
  21. crossovers
    7 Colbert Report–isms That Made Their Way Into The Late ShowDown to the Stephen-centric decor.
  22. crossovers
    In Praise of Ant-Man’s Shameless Avengers Tie-in SceneIt’s part of a proud comics tradition.
  23. secret history of television
    Vulture’s Secret History of TV: Are Crossover Episodes Ever a Good Idea?We investigate in “Vulture’s Secret History of Television.”
  24. crossovers
    The Scandal Cast Imagines Whom They Would Play on GirlsPlus: Jenni Konner hints at a Kerry Washington arc on Girls.
  25. crossovers
    Watch Bob’s Burgers Take On Game of ThronesCat-dragons! 
  26. Here’s a Sneak Peek of the ‘Simpsons’-Themed ‘MythBusters’ EpisodeMythBusters returns to The Discovery Channel tomorrow, and the new episode follows Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman tackling some classic Simpsons […]
  27. crossovers
    Sony Might Mash Up Men in Black & 21 Jump StreetAccording to leaked emails. 
  28. crossovers
    Is Usher’s New Justin Bieber the Cheerio’s Bee?Bzzz.
  29. Watch the Simpsons Meet a Bunch of Other SimpsonsHere’s a clip from last night’s Treehouse of Horror Simpsons episode, which ended up including a lot more than just the Tracey Ullman Simpsons […]
  30. crossovers
    Watch Once Upon a Time’s Frozen AdaptationYes, the rock trolls were there.
  31. ‘The Simpsons’ Are Crossing Over with ‘The Simpsons’In addition to the upcoming Family Guy and Futurama crossover episodes of The Simpsons, Entertainment Weekly reports that there’s also another […]
  32. crossovers
    Let’s Rank the 2014 Pop-Star Movie Cameos Taylor in The Giver? Gaga in Sin City 2?
  33. crossovers
    Keanu Reeves Becomes Latest Movie Star to Get a Television ShowBased on the “Rain” series by Barry Eisler.
  34. Watch a Five-Minute Preview of the ‘Simpsons’/’Family Guy’ Crossover […]Fox revealed the above five-minute preview of its upcoming Simpsons/Family Guy crossover episode at Comic-Con yesterday, which is set to […]
  35. ‘The Simpsons’ Are Crossing Over with Basically Every Other Fox Cartoon […]Over the course of last year, several big events slated for the 26th season of The Simpsons were revealed including a Futurama crossover […]
  36. carcosa
    People Had Many Game of Thrones/Carcosa JokesThe three-eyed raven is the Yellow King.
  37. The Hour-Long ‘Simpsons’/’Family Guy’ Crossover Episode Will Air This […]News broke last summer that Fox was working on a Simpsons/Family Guy crossover episode to be aired sometime in fall 2014. At Fox’s upfront […]
  38. crossovers
    What Plot Point Did Scandal and Game of Thrones Share This Week?It’s not pretty.
  39. crossovers
    Why an X-Men Clip Will Play After Spider-Man 2’s CreditsIt has to do with (500) Days of Summer.
  40. crossovers
    Elisabeth Moss Sees Mad Men’s Peggy in Diane on The Good Wife“This strong woman who’s sort of at the top of her game.”
  41. crossovers
    How Often Have New Late-Night Hosts Interacted?Who plays well together? (And who doesn’t?)
  42. Ben Stiller’s Next Two Film Projects Are Super SeriousAfter taking a big dramatic turn in 2013’s Walter Mitty, Ben Stiller is continuing his foray into serious movies with his next two projects. […]
  43. Brad Pitt Really Wants to Star in a Judd Apatow MovieOscar-winning megastar Brad Pitt would like to return to big screen comedy, and he’s banking on Judd Apatow to let him be his next blockbuster […]
  44. Patton Oswalt Names His Dream Comedy-to-Drama Crossovers“Something gritty. Something early-70s. Boston. Icy grime. Low-stakes larceny, with her psyche as collateral. I don’t think there’s anything […]
  45. crossovers
    See a Friday Night Lights Reunion on ParenthoodHi, Landry!
  46. crossovers
    Idol Contestant Danny Noriega Joins Drag RaceRemember Danny?
  47. trailer park
    Watch a Promo for the Homeland/Simpsons Mash-upComplete with Baby Maggie as interrogator.
  48. ‘The Simpsons’ Will Host a ‘Futurama’ CrossoverHot on the heels of last week’s news that Family Guy is hosting a crossover with The Simpsons in 2014 comes the announcement of on another […]
  49. ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Family Guy’ Are Doing a CrossoverJust like when the Jetsons met the Flintstones before them, the Simpsons and the Griffins are set to go face to face next year in a special […]
  50. Poehler Casts GoT With Parks and Rec Characters Ron is Stannis and Ben is Jon Snow, of course.
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