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  1. Wael Shawky’s Epic Films Will Completely Change How You See the CrusadesThey are the most intoxicating, savage masterpieces of the Crusades I’ve seen anywhere, on film or otherwise.
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    In Celebration of Easter, Ricky Gervais Takes a Few More Cracks at Christianity
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    Ricky Gervais Fields Questions on Atheism“Since there is nothing to know about god, a comedian knows as much about god as any one else.”
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    Ricky Gervais Explains Why He’s an Atheist“So what does the question “Why don’t you believe in God?” really mean. I think when someone asks that they are really questioning their own belief … ‘How come you weren’t brainwashed with the rest of us?’”
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    It’s Confirmed! Betty White to Host SNLFacebook campaigns work!
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    Should Betty White Really Host SNL?Just us?
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    Betty White to SNL Almost a Done DealNBC would round up ‘SNL’ alums to help the 88-year-old legend host.
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    Betty White’s Popularity Continues To SoarNearly 400,000 people have signed a petition on Facebook to have her host ‘SNL.’
  9. Faux Your ConsiderationChoose the dude playing a dude disguised as another dude.
  10. The Gods Are Smiling on the Veronica Mars MovieWhen ABC Entertainment president Steve McPherson closes a door, he also opens a window.
  11. Cave-fans Rejoice! ‘Cavemen’ Coming to DVD?Things looked bad for cave-fans hoping to see the final seven episodes, but Vulture’s cave-sources have exciting news!
  12. The Cast of ‘Cavemen’ Demands That You Send More Hair to ABCStar Julie White urges further efforts on behalf of America’s furriest sitcom.
  13. The ‘Cavemen’ Crusade Continues: We Send Hair to ABC!The hair was easy to obtain; that’s what interns are for.
  14. Help Vulture Save ‘Cavemen’: Send Your Hair to ABC!What better way to pledge your support for TV’s finest sitcom about furry Neanderthals than to completely shave your head (or just get a trim — it doesn’t matter, just so long as you fill the box or envelope to the top) and mail the sweepings directly to the man in charge of ABC’s prime-time lineup?