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Crystal Bowersox

  1. overnights
    American Idol Recap: Paul F. Tompkins on the Carole King Aftermath and the World’s Oddest Viewer Questions“One question caught my eye because it was astounding in its self-absorption, another because it involved a very specific type of dream.”
  2. tv
    Middle-Aged Mom Is Enraged by American Idol Results“My whole life is ruined,” she explains.
  3. idol
    American Idol Crowns Its New ChampWas it Mama Sox or the paint salesman?
  4. Bowersox: Betrayed by Seacrest?We hope this will serve as a lesson to any of our readers considering sharing their feelings with Ryan Seacrest.
  5. american idol
    Intervention From Ryan Seacrest Keeps Tantrum-Throwing Bowersox on IdolBowersox: “What’s the point?”