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    Cut SNL Sketch Wants You to Relax About the Election: It’ll All Be Fine. Or Not.Wouldn’t be the worst idea to stock up on Plan B, though.
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    You Can Love Lovecraft Country, Even If You Can’t Explain It, in Cut SNL SketchLook, you’re going to have to watch it for yourself.
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    RuPaul Brings Plenty of Soap to the Coal Mines In Cut for Time SNL SketchAlexis and Dominique would never set foot in that filthy pit, but they would be proud.
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    Harry Styles Is an Extremely Cool Little Brother in This Cut SNL SketchFeaturing Kyle Mooney and Chris Redd.
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    SNL’s Cut-for-Time Sketch Welcomes You to the L.A. Open-Mic SceneArt is hard. Also, mostly bad.
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    SNL: Kate McKinnon’s Rudy Giuliani Would Like to Help You Do Some Crimes“We want to make you our client and accomplice!”
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    The Only Thing Between You And Broadway Is a Nebraskan Accent in Cut SNL SketchJust try one without looking it up. Okay, that’s probably better than they did.
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    SNL’s Cut-for-Time Tampax Secrets Ad: Hide Your Tampons… With Something WorseSure, a dead mouse or a Cosby Show DVD aren’t great, but at least they aren’t a tampon.
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    SNL Made an Extreme English Tea for Extreme English People“Tea for sport!”
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    SNL’s Cut-for-Time Sketch Features a Very Awkward Family ReunionIn which Adam Sandler plays Pete Davidson’s long-lost father.
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    Senator Dianne Feinstein Roasts Kids Over Green New Deal in Cut SNL SketchShe’s gonna need a do-over.
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    SNL’s Latest Cut-for-Time Sketch Gives Us Another Trippy ’90s SitcomBoys rule!
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    Nicki Minaj Hates Everyone You Hate in Cut-for-Time SNL Haim ParodyDon’t even get her started on their eyes or their mouth or their mom.
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    Renounce the Evils of Masturbation in This Cut SNL SketchComing live and direct from Slavic Jam Records.
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    The Cleveland Cavs Who Aren’t LeBron Remind You They Exist in Cut SNL SketchOkay, maybe they aren’t the stars, but they will always be there to help in any non-basketball way they can.
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    Jack White Is Available to Play Your Wedding in Cut-for-Time SNL SketchIf Jack White inexplicably fronted your wedding band, well, now you know why.
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    Adam Driver Has His Own Li’l Shape of Water in Cut-for-Time SNL SketchGuillermo del Toro is somewhere, angrily ripping his The Shape of Water 2 script in half right now.
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    Cut-for-Time SNL Sketch Has Perfect Toy for Your Little Future Wicked Stepmother“Mommy? Where’s the drama in that?”
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    SNL Wonders How Far You’ll Go for a New Year’s Eve Kiss in Cut-for-Time SketchBeing single on December 31 is hard enough without having to whisper your deepest secret to an interdimensional bouncer.
  20. Check Out Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney’s Cut ‘SNL’ Sketch “New Year’s Kiss”Another week, another Beck Bennett/Kyle Mooney sketch that Saturday Night Live sadly cut for time despite being weird and wonderful. This time […]
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    SNL Takes a Lighthearted Approach to Nuclear War in a Cut For Time SketchGal Gadot takes Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett’s last french fry just as the missiles go off.
  22. Check Out Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett’s Cut ‘SNL’ Sketch “The Last Fry”Saturday Night Live has a habit of cutting some of Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett’s best ‘90s nostalgia-inspired pre-taped sketches. First there […]
  23. Drake Struggles with Workplace Banter in ‘SNL’s Latest Cut SketchSaturday Night Live uploaded another cut sketch today, this time from Drake’s episode from May. Drake plays a new employee at Kinko’s who tries […]
  24. Taran Killam Sings a Sexy Song About Smiles in This Cut ‘SNL’ SketchWe have to wait a couple months until the next season of SNL premieres, but in the meantime, the show released another cut for time sketch […]
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    SNL Shows Why You Should Never Put on a Roast for Your Friend’s BirthdayThis sketch was cut for time from the Chris Hemsworth episode.
  26. Watch ‘SNL’s Cut Sketch ‘Establishment Shuffle’ with Taran Killam, Kate […]In case you’re wondering what great sketch didn’t make it into Peter Dinklage’s SNL episode last weekend, behold the latest pretaped sketch […]
  27. Ariana Grande Plays Judy Garland in ‘SNL’s Cut Sketch ‘Cinema Channel’Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett’s “March Madness” wasn’t the only oddball sketch cut from Ariana Grande’s episode last weekend. Today the show […]
  28. Check Out ‘SNL’s Cut ‘March Madness’ Sketch Starring Beck Bennett and Kyle […]SNL just uploaded a brand new cut-for-time sketch from Ariana Grande’s episode last weekend, in which Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney star as two […]
  29. Melissa McCarthy Is an Expert ‘Supermarket Spree’ Shopper in This Cut […]SNL uploaded the latest cut for sketch time today featuring Saturday’s host Melissa McCarthy and Vanessa Bayer as two contestants on a game […]
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    Kyle Mooney Interviews Justin Bieber FansCut for Time Theater presents …
  31. Watch ‘SNL’s Cut Sketch ‘Christmas at Nana’s’ with Kyle Mooney, Kate […]Amy Poehler and Tina Fey’s SNL episode last weekend was a great one, but it’s really too bad that yet another delightfully weird Kyle Mooney […]
  32. Watch Ryan Gosling, Beck Bennett, and Kyle Mooney in the Cut-for-Time […]If you’re a fan of Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett’s sketches “Wing” and “Bad Boys,” you’re going to love the latest cut-for-time sketch SNL […]
  33. Jemima Kirke Takes Some Great Engagement Photos in This Cut ‘Inside Amy […]Season 3 of Inside Amy Schumer is available on DVD tomorrow, and among the bonus features is this cut sketch featuring Girls star Jemima Kirke […]
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    SNL Tries to Save Trump’s Hair in Unaired ClipMan vs. nature. Hair vs. wind.
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    Cut Bill Hader SNL SketchHe does a little dance.
  36. The ‘Cut for Time’ Sketches of ‘SNL’ Season 40With SNL’s 40th season wrapped up, we’re taking a look back at the past year to recall the highs, lows, and other memorable moments as the show […]
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    Cut Saturday Night Live 50 Shades of Grey ParodyIf Fifty Shades were on HDTV.
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    Saturday Night Live Does Love Actually in This Cut SketchAmerica loves Pete Davidson.
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    Watch a Cut SNL Musical Sketch About TwitterCongrats, Aidy!