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Cut Snl Sketches

  1. cut snl sketches
    Cut SNL Sketch Stars James Franco in Cheap Hallmark Movies You Would Still WatchMeet Canadian star Chris Bearstick as Young Santa in a cut SNL sketch.
  2. cut for time
    SNL Wonders How Far You’ll Go for a New Year’s Eve Kiss in Cut-for-Time SketchBeing single on December 31 is hard enough without having to whisper your deepest secret to an interdimensional bouncer.
  3. cut snl sketches
    SNL Has the First Black Bachelorette Meet a Bunch of Dumb White Suitors“One charming accomplished lawyer. Twenty-five hot dummies.”
  4. cut snl sketches
    Kristen Wiig Is an Eccentric Goddess of Creation in This Cut SNL SketchVolcano (n): a mountain that’s kind of a total bitch.
  5. cut snl sketches
    Travel the Oregon Trail in This Cut SNL Sketch Rest in peace, daddy.
  6. cut snl sketches
    Watch This Ariana Grande SNL Sketch Cut for TimePretty bad, but good.
  7. cut snl sketches
    Melissa McCarthy Is Out to Win in Cut SNL SketchGather unto her all the meats and cheeses.
  8. cut snl sketches
    Watch This Cut Amy Poehler SNL Holiday SketchNana can’t wait forever! 
  9. cut snl sketches
    Cut SNL Sketch Parodies Urkel vs. UrquelleKyle Mooney plays both a Steve Urkel type and a Stefan Urquelle type.
  10. cut snl sketches
    Chris Pratt Mocked Jason Statham for SNLPratt can pull off bald.
  11. cut snl sketches
    Jay Pharoah Wants Everything in Cut SNL Sketch“Yo, lemme get that simile off you!”
  12. cut snl sketches
    Watch a Very Scary, Very Funny Cut SNL SketchCourtesy of Mike O’Brien.