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Cy Twombly

  1. art review
    Cy Twombly and the Transporting Power of Art That Barely Uses the Tools of ArtScribbles, jots, smears, and smudges that make my knees buckle.
  2. gallery
    Learning to Love Cy Twombly What a show at the Centre Pompidou did for me.
  3. art
    Jerry Saltz Celebrates the Life and Art of Cy TwomblyHis paintings are aphrodisiacal abstract seas wafting with ironic distance.
  4. obits
    Artist Cy Twombly DiesHe was 83.
  5. the take
    Woman Devalues Priceless Painting With Her CootiesEarlier this week, 30-year-old Sam Rindy was so enthralled by a Cy Twombly painting in an Avignon, France, museum that she kissed it, leaving a red lipstick mark.