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Cynthia Nixon

  1. the gold rush
    The Golden Globes Strikeouts Are a Who’s Who of Who Hasn’tsOscar winners? Yes. Tony winners? Yes. Globe winners? No.
  2. these reboots are manolos
    Wonder No More, Carrie: The Sex and the City Reboot Is Actually HappeningSJP, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis posted the HBO Max revival’s first brief teaser.
  3. rumors
    Sex and the City Might Be Getting an HBO Max RebootKim Cattrall is still very much not involved.
  4. casting
    Cynthia Nixon and Christine Baranski Will Play Sisters in HBO’s The Gilded AgeDownton Abbey’s Julian Fellowes created the period drama.
  5. casting
    Cynthia Nixon and Many Friends of Ryan Murphy Join Sarah Paulson in RatchedAnd Jon Jon Briones! And Finn Whitrock!
  6. vulture festival la
    Cynthia Nixon Talks Her Controversial Bagel Order and Climate ChangeIt’s 2018, so come out of the closet with your freaky bagel preferences.
  7. vulture festival la
    Cynthia Nixon Didn’t Think She Would Win the New York Governor Race“I hoped I would win. I tried to win. I’m proud of how much money [Cuomo] had to spend.”
  8. to freedom!
    The Nicki–Cardi B Feud Has Spilled Over Into Local PoliticsThey’ve backed rival gubernatorial candidates in the New York state primaries.
  9. Sex and the City’s Mr. Big Backs Cynthia Nixon’s Campaign for GovernorChristopher Noth isn’t the first “Sex and the City” star to back Nixon.
  10. Every Episode of Sex and the City, RankedAll 94 episodes of this sometimes problematic, sometimes infuriating, sometimes sublime — but no doubt seminal — show, from worst to best.
  11. tribeca 2018
    Cynthia Nixon’s Run for Governor Surprised Sarah Jessica Parker“I didn’t know she would seek a gubernatorial seat.”
  12. rumor mill
    Sarah Jessica Parker May Be an Undecided Voter Despite Cynthia Nixon’s Candidacy“I look forward to talking to her about her New York State gubernatorial bid.”
  13. books
    Sarah Jessica Parker Is a Book Person NowThis year’s hottest trend is books.
  14. Cynthia Nixon Is Running for Office, But Some Can Only See Miranda HobbesMany were immediately dismissive of the actor-activist’s candidacy.
  15. politics
    Cynthia Nixon Gets Delayed by Subway on Her Way to Try to Fix the SubwayThe irony.
  16. politics
    Cynthia Nixon Formally Announces Run for New York GovernorShe’ll take on Andrew Cuomo in the primary.
  17. The 11 Best Film Performances of 2017Including Margot Robbie, Brooklynn Prince, and Daniel Kaluuya.
  18. rock the vote
    Which Sex and the City Characters Would Vote for Cynthia Nixon?Would Charlotte? Would Big?
  19. Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon Used to Compete for Roles As Children“Cynthia Nixon and I were always in a waiting room together.”
  20. theater review
    Theater Review: The Little Foxes With a Switch-’Em-Up TwistCynthia Nixon and Laura Linney trade off the lead roles.
  21. movie review
    Emily Dickinson Biopic A Quiet Passion Is Overly Mannered, But Saved by Its EndSome of the film fulfills the promise of director Terence Davies, but much of it is cringeworthy.
  22. trailer mix
    Watch Cynthia Nixon in A Quiet Passion TrailerA very poetic drama about one of the most famous poets of all time.
  23. Theater Review: The Many Steves of SteveIt’s a city of Stevens. Some come to work, some to play.
  24. movies
    9 Things to Know About the Beautiful James WhiteThe movie that brought Christopher Abbott and Ron Livingston to the New York Magazine elevator bank.
  25. theater
    Theater Review: Don’t Fear the Banter of The Real ThingWit gets a bad rap, and it shouldn’t.
  26. shut it down
    Cynthia Nixon Is Fine Without Sex and the City 3“I think it’s fine to let it go.”
  27. the cursing mommy
    Listen to Cynthia Nixon As The Cursing MommyThank you, Ian Frazier, thank you!
  28. casting couch
    Cynthia Nixon to Play Emily DickinsonBut who will play the fly?
  29. theater review
    Theater Review: A Wit That Still CracklesThat real rare thing: a good, small play.
  30. sandra bernhard
    Hear Sandra Bernhard Tell Howard Stern About Turning Down the Role of Miranda on Sex and the CityCynthia Nixon, eat your heart out (as you cash your checks, that is).
  31. chat room
    Cynthia Nixon on Too Big to Fail, Marriage Equality, and the Future of Sex and the City“I have 100 percent faith in Michael Patrick King.”
  32. new jobs
    Cynthia Nixon Moves to ShowtimeJoins Laura Linney’s ‘The Big C.’
  33. quote machine
    Kim Cattrall No Fan of Sex Talk at the Fish CounterPlus: Tracy Morgan justifies ‘Cop Out.’
  34. trailer mix
    The New Sex and the City 2 Trailer: Puns in the SunWe’re just waiting to find out what the gross-out scene is.
  35. awards
    Joy Behar, Cynthia Nixon Take Top Honors at GLAAD Media AwardsList of winners here.
  36. kudos
    Cynthia Nixon’s Oscar Campaign Starts Now!Who cares if she doesn’t have a movie out?
  37. quote machine
    Quentin Tarantino, Dream Director for Film ComposersPlus: Was Zoe Saldana’s skirt short enough for the ‘Star Trek’ movie?
  38. the industry
    In Bold Career Move, Halle Berry Will Play Many Dumb Characters at OncePlus: Ronald D. Moore’s working on a new series, and Cynthia Nixon’s working on another case of Biltmore Syndrome.