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Da 5 Bloods

  1. in memoriam
    The Defiant Career of Chadwick Boseman, a Hollywood KingHe had the talent to be James Brown, Jackie Robinson, Black Panther, and Stormin’ Norman. He was a chameleon and a pure actor in every sense.
  2. vulture lists
    Every Netflix Original Movie, RankedTaking stock of the service’s best — and worst — films.
  3. deep dives
    Watching Da 5 Bloods in SaigonNetflix subscribers in Vietnam describe their experiences watching Spike Lee’s latest movie about the American war.
  4. vulture lists
    Every Spike Lee Film, RankedWith the release of Da 5 Bloods, we revisit each of the director’s major works.
  5. netflix
    There’s a Da 5 Bloods Post-Credit ‘Scene’ But You Probably Won’t See ItNetflix’s autoplay will see to that.
  6. study guide
    A Pop Culture Guide to the Many, Many References in Spike Lee’s Da 5 BloodsFrom the cinematic influences to the historical references to the music cues to the inside jokes, here’s a guide to Spike Lee’s Netflix joint.
  7. chat room
    Jonathan Majors on Shooting Da 5 Bloods With a MAGA Hat on SetThe Last Black Man in San Francisco co-star plays the son of a Trump voter in Spike Lee’s new Netflix movie.
  8. movie review
    Da 5 Bloods Is Spike Lee’s Agit-Prop Action MovieAs a stirring, deliriously referential treatise on race, American history, and black patriotism, it’s one of Lee’s greatest works.
  9. movies
    Spike Lee’s Forever WarHow the Vietnam War epic Da 5 Bloods became one of the most ambitious films of his career.
  10. open your purse
    Spike Lee’s New Movie Won’t Use CGI De-Aging, Unlike That Other Netflix Film“I was not getting $100 million to de-age our guys.”
  11. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for Spike Lee’s Vietnam Vet Joint, Da 5 BloodsStreaming on June 12.
  12. movies
    Chadwick Boseman Will Be in the Next Spike Lee MovieYou can almost smell the Oscars.