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  1. sad dads in space
    Sad Dad Space Movies: A TaxonomySpace: The Ultimate Daddy?
  2. profile
    How to Fuck With White SupremacyWith “Daddy” and Slave Play, Jeremy O. Harris does exactly that (sometimes literally).
  3. theater review
    Theater Review: Surface Tension by the Pool, in Jeremy O. Harris’s “Daddy”Louche life in Beverly Hills.
  4. daddy
    Behold Mick Jagger, Prolific Instagram Dad Commenter“Looks like fun. Ha!”
  5. David Harbour Declares His Daddy Status“I’m not gonna wear dad jeans.”
  6. james franco
    Watch a New Music Video From James FrancoAw, baby Franco!
  7. francophile
    James Franco Wants to Make a Whole Album of Spoken-Word Motown-y Music“10-12 songs.”
  8. james franco
    Hear a James Franco–Smokey Robinson Duet, ‘Crime’ (Yes, Really!)That’s right: James Franco and Smokey Robinson. Why, that doesn’t sound totally normal to you?
  9. tv
    Watch Soap-Opera Stars Saying ‘Daddy,’ Throw Up a LittleAs straightforward as it is revolting.