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  1. The Greatest Grammys Snubs of All TimeAll the times the award show got it wrong.
  2. right-click
    ‘Watch the Weeknd Cement an Interstellar Babe in ‘I Feel It Coming’ VideoLove: Universal, and universally hard to achieve.
  3. beefin'
    Sean Spicer Finds ‘Daft Funk’s’ Helmets ChildishHe also has some complaints about Dippin’ Dots.
  4. the charts
    Daft Punk Finally Got Their First No. 1 SongWith a little help from the Weeknd.
  5. album review
    The Weeknd’s Starboy Is One Long Winning StreakHis voice sounds like the good life.
  6. right-click
    The Weeknd Releases ‘Party Monster’ and Daft Punk–Featuring ‘I Feel It Coming’“Party Monster” was co-written by Lana Del Rey.
  7. radio vulture
    The Weeknd’s ‘Starboy’ Plays It Safe for the Charts“Starboy” is solid and very likely a hit, but the singer’s coasting on autopilot.
  8. the weeknd
    Listen to the Weeknd and Daft Punk’s New Song, ‘Starboy’“Starboy” is also the title as Abel Tesfaye’s upcoming album.
  9. videology
    Watch Daft Punk’s ‘Instant Crush’ Video, With a Julian Casablancas DollOh hey, remember this album?
  10. daft punk
    Everyone Loves the New Daft Punk SongShocking, we know.
  11. clickables
    Try to Memorize the Lyrics to Daft Punk’s ‘Around the World’Karaoke for people who hate karaoke.
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    Hear a Lost Yet Timely Daft Punk Song, ‘Drive’From 1994!
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    Here’s a Highly Enjoyable Daft Punk Dance RoutineMagical.
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    Hear a Snazzy Daft Punk Medley for OrchestraThis is neat.
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    Watch Emile Hirsch’s Daft Punk VideoBodybuilding and shirtless dance-offs.
  16. vulture bytes
    Vulture Bytes: Telenovela Translators and DIY RadioFree foreign TV, turning your phone into a universal remote, a way to get MP3s on the cheap, a site that turns anybody into a D.J., and the opportunity to spend $225 on 3-D glasses.
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    Olivia Wilde Joins Daft PunkFor the “Derezzed” music video, at least.
  18. radio vulture
    Daft Punk Bursts the Tron BubbleDaft Punk + ‘Tron’ was a perfect combination — until we heard the soundtrack.
  19. leak of the week
    Leaked: Daft Punk’s Tron Score Won’t Be Playing Much at Our HouseYou’d better sit down for this (you won’t be dancing anyway).
  20. clickables
    Hear Six Minutes of Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy SoundtrackWith a nice cameo from the ‘Inception’ horn.
  21. clickables
    Preview a New Daft Punk Song in the Latest Tron ClipIt’s called “Derezzed,” as in, “If you want to hear the whole thing, you have to pay to see derezzed of the movie.”
  22. last night's gig
    Daft Punk Showed Up at Last Night’s Phoenix Show!And they rocked it.
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    Download an Instrumental of Daft Punk’s N.E.R.D. Collaboration, ‘Hypnotize You’Something relaxing to take with you into the holiday weekend.
  24. tron legacy
    Daft Punk’s Tron Soundtrack Coming in NovemberOn November 22, before ‘Tron: Legacy’s December 17 release.
  25. movies
    Watch Daft Tron: A Daft Punk, Tron, and Tron: Legacy RemixThis one should tide the ‘Tron’ enthusiasts over for about 133 seconds.
  26. music
    Hear the Entire Leaked Daft Punk Tron: Legacy SoundtrackQuickly, because it’s likely to be pulled down.
  27. music
    Hear Ten Minutes of Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy SoundtrackSnippets of the score from throughout the movie.
  28. music
    Hear a Preview of Daft Punk’s Tron SoundtrackStream six massive instrumental tracks.
  29. music
    Learn How to Make Your Own Daft Punk HelmetIn 749 easy steps and seventeen brief months.
  30. movies
    See Snoop, David Beckham, and Daft Punk Hanging Out in a Star Wars CantinaSnoop wields a light saber!
  31. trailer mix
    Tron Legacy Trailer Could Maybe Use More Daft PunkSeems a bit dour for a movie that will probably be a lot of dumb fun.
  32. music
    Stream the New Daft Punk Song Leak
  33. robots
    Daft Punk Give You a Second Daft Punk–Related Reason to See Tron 2The French disco robots will have cameo roles in next year’s ‘Tron Legacy,’ claims Olivia Wilde, one of the film’s human stars.
  34. robots
    Is This Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy Theme?Maybe!
  35. robots
    Daft Punk to Score Pointless MovieDaft Punk is writing the soundtrack for ‘Tron 2’!
  36. kudos
    Pregnant M.I.A. Shafted by Stupid GrammysWhich other hip, relevant artists were denied on-camera awards last night?
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    Duffy Gives Regis a Geography LessonPlus: New music from Weezer and Wolf Parade!
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    Daft Punk Come Alive!Plus: Tegan and Sara!
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    R. Kelly Proves Greatness Yet AgainPlus: New songs by Daft Punk and Kylie Minogue!
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    Arcade Fire Celebrates No. 2 StatusNew music from Daft Punk and Cold War Kids!
  41. apropos of nothing
    Kanye West Cares About Dopey White PeopleIf Chris Martin wants to be Kanye’s favorite dorky white guy in 2007, he’s got some stiff competition. Below, we see how the candidates measure up.
  42. right-click
    Madonna and Pharrell Turn the Clock Back to 2005Kate Nash, Diplo, and more!
  43. the industry
    Michael Cera Gets RevoltingKanye, Lupe, and O.J.
  44. last night's gig
    Daft Punk, the Future’s Most Lackadaisical RobotsThe band plays at Coney Island’s Keyspan Park.
  45. right-click
    Animal Collective Celebrate the Fourth of JulyPlus Daft Punk, Interpol, and Arctic Monkeys.
  46. tube junkie
    Kanye West’s New Video One-Upped in Advance by YouTube HandsKanye West may have hired profligate music-video legend Hype Williams to direct and the stunning R&B singer Cassie to co-star in the megabudget, special-effects-laden, three-months-in-the-making video for his next single, “Stronger.” But he’s already been shown up by a no-budget YouTube sensation.
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    French Duo Powerless Against Crippling Remix Addiction
  48. right-click
    Against All Odds, Will.i.am Produces Decent Record
  49. the industry
    ‘In the Heights’ Salsas Onto the Great White Way