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    Rovzar on American Idol: Why It’s Okay That Adam LostNot every gay needs to be universally likable.
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    ‘Sex and the City’ Takes Over NYMag.comNYMag.com’s blogs flood the zone on the ‘Sex and the City’ movie.
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    Seriously, What Is With the Osmond Obsession?We agree with Daily Intel.
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    Barack Obama Has Terrible Taste in MoviesThe unlikely source for Barack Obama’s catchy catchphrase.
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    Elizabeth Hardwick and Pimp C, Together in Death As We Wish They Had Been in LifeTwo Times obits, but they shared one soul.
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    Herbert Muschamp Dies at 59The longtime NYT architecture critic is remembered by Justin Davidson.
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    McCarter to Pogue: ‘Quit Your Day Job!’The inquiring minds over at Daily Intel have been giving lots of love to Times tech columnist David Pogue’s “iPhone: The Musical,” in which the writer and his band of merry iPhone-lovers celebrate the joys of the tech-obsessed world’s gadget of the moment.
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    Vulture’s First and Only Post Dedicated to the Paris Hilton SagaPerhaps you heard? Paris is out of jail, and she’s capitalizing on the moment by asserting her saintly desires to do everything short of joining a nunnery. And though she’s not an actress, singer, or possessor of any kind of evident creative talent (despite her camp’s claims to the contrary), you can be excused for having at least a vague interest in the frenetic media goings-on regarding her release.