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  1. movie review
    Chaos Walking Needs More Chaos, Less WalkingTom Holland and Daisy Ridley on the run from Mads Mikkelsen and his son Nick Jonas. Why isn’t this a masterpiece?
  2. tv
    Great British Bake Off Knows Just What We KneadThe series today announced celebrity stars Daisy Ridley and James McAvoy.
  3. trailer mix
    Chaos Walking Trailer: Daisy Ridley and Wig Crash Land Into Tom Holland’s LifeThe long-delayed film is set to premiere in 2021.
  4. last night on late night
    Daisy Ridley Says Rey Almost Had an ‘Obi-Wan Connection’ in Her Star Wars OriginHer parentage twist kept changing all the way up to Episode IX.
  5. wait what?
    Wait, What Went Down Between John Boyega and Star Wars Fans on Twitter?Much talk of l*ying p*pe ahead.
  6. star wars wars
    5 Ways The Rise of Skywalker Reverses Course From The Last JediWell, no one would accuse the Star Wars sequel trilogy of being overly mapped out from the start.
  7. maury voice
    Who Are Rey’s Parents in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker?[Maury voice] And the DNA test says …
  8. trash talk
    Everyone in Star Wars Is Being Shady About The Last JediYou just know there’s a group chat dedicated to this.
  9. law & order gma
    John Boyega Is the Culprit Behind the Rise of Skywalker eBay Script LeakMichael Strahan has found the droid we’re looking for.
  10. last night on late night
    Daisy Ridley Pledges Loyalty to Baby Yoda, Confirms Porgs Are Trash“Look, I’m not a big fan of the Porgs.”
  11. trailer mix
    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Final Trailer: Long Have You Waited“The Force will be with you. Always.”
  12. movie review
    Ophelia: The Female Gaze Is Strong in This OneDaisy Ridley makes a fine, modern heroine, but it’s Naomi Watts who goes big and waltzes away with the movie.
  13. chat room
    We Asked Daisy Ridley to Describe Adam Driver’s Big-ness, and Other QuestionsThe star of Ophelia talks the holes in her stomach, getting slapped by Naomi Watts, and what Carrie Fisher said to her while filming their last scene.
  14. roll clip!
    Everyone Is Extremely Emotional in This New Ophelia Clip Starring Daisy RidleyNaomi Watts and Clive Owen also have feelings in the new perspective-switched retelling of Hamlet.
  15. trailer mix
    The Trailer for Ophelia Really Showcases the Wigs in this Hamlet UpdateStarring Daisy Ridley, Naomi Watts, and dramatically fake hair.
  16. tv
    His Dad Wrote a Porno and Now It’ll Be a TV ShowThe hit British podcast about one man’s father’s secret porn-writing career is headed for HBO.
  17. star wars: episode ix
    Carrie Fisher Will Appear in Star Wars: Episode IX Via Unused FootageMark Hamill will also return.
  18. social media
    Did Kelly Marie Tran Wipe Her Instagram Because of Harassment?All of her photos have been deleted.
  19. Maybe Star Wars Should Go Easy on the British BrunettesIs this the distaff version of Dunkirk?
  20. Daisy Ridley’s Ophelia Is a Juicy, Crowd-Pleasing Shakespeare RevampBut perhaps, given the runaway strength of Naomi Watts’s supporting performance, it should have been titled Gertrude.
  21. celebrity friendships
    Watch The Florida Project’s Brooklynn Prince Explain Star Wars to Daisy RidleyThe Florida Project star cannot stress enough how long Star Wars has been around.
  22. the star wars universe
    What Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia Meant to the Women of The Last Jedi“[She was] without shame,” said Laura Dern.
  23. exit strategy
    Barring Apocalypse, Daisy Ridley Is Amenable to Playing Rey Again in 30 Years“If in 30 years we are not living underground in a series of interconnected cells … then sure. Maybe.”
  24. Murder on the Orient Express Is a Mild RideKenneth Branagh’s update on the classic story is a good bet for those unfamiliar, but a bit of a snooze otherwise.
  25. Murder on the Orient Express Trailer: All Right, Who Killed Johnny Depp?Kenneth Branagh’s remake arrives November 10.
  26. #wheresrey
    Finally, We’re Getting The Last Jedi Rey Toys Unprompted by Outrage#WheresRey worked.
  27. misogyny
    Rey Still Doesn’t Have Star Wars: Monopoly Token Due to ‘Insufficient Interest’#WheresRey?
  28. star wars
    Daisy Ridley Makes a Lovely Return As Rey in This Animated Star Wars ShortIt’s part of a Lucasfilm initiative to highlight the women of Star Wars.
  29. Josh Gad Trolls Daisy Ridley for Last Jedi Spoilers With A-list FriendsGad says Ridley is “the Taylor to [his] Katy.”
  30. Daisy Ridley Cast in American Spy BiopicBased on Sonia Purnell’s book A Woman Of No Importance.
  31. a hero’s journey
    Daisy Ridley Responds to ‘Mary Sue’ Criticisms“I was just confused.”
  32. party chat
    Daisy Ridley Uses Jedi Mind Tricks on a Wolf; Speculates on Rey’s Parentage“I went on a moonlit hike with wolves on Sunday at a wolf sanctuary.”
  33. casting couch
    Daisy Ridley and Elizabeth Debicki Join the Cast of Peter RabbitA live-action–animation hybrid from the VFX team behind The Lego Movie.
  34. barbra streisand
    Barbra Streisand’s Duets With Movie Stars, Ranked From Least to Most CharmingAll the Hollywood stars Babs convinced to sing with her.
  35. casting couch
    Daisy Ridley to Star in Chaos Walking AdaptationFrom the sci-fi to the young-adult universe.
  36. the social media wars
    Trolls Get a Win As Daisy Ridley Quits InstagramThe Dark Side of social media claims another one.
  37. broadway
    Daisy Ridley and Barbra Streisand Sing Broadway“She wasn’t kidding. She can sing.”
  38. barbra streisand
    Streisand Announces Celebrity Duets AlbumEncore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway features Hollywood stars singing Broadway classics.
  39. the adaptation’s the thing
    Daisy Ridley, Naomi Watts to Star in OpheliaIt’s not for Shakespeare purists.
  40. the industry
    Daisy Ridley, John Boyega’s Post-Star Wars RolesAre they this year’s Margot Robbie and Lupita Nyong’o?
  41. the industry
    Daisy Ridley to Star in WWII Drama The Lost WifeBased on the book by Alyson Richman.
  42. Daisy Ridley’s Lightsaber Skills Are As Badass As You’d ImagineJust as we suspected, Ridley’s coolness extends offscreen.
  43. lightsaberin’
    Daisy Ridley, Lightsaberin’There is no try, but there is a lot of laughing and falling down.
  44. casting couch
    J.J. Abrams and Daisy Ridley Are Teaming Up for a Supernatural Romance MovieDiary of a Teenage Girl’s Marielle Heller is in talks to direct the film.
  45. star wars
    Mark Hamill Wishes Daisy Ridley Happy Birthday by Sharing Their Luke-Yoda PicThe internet also stepped in.
  46. the force awakens
    Daisy Ridley Rapping Will Give You Extreme Secondhand EmbarassmentJohn Boyega made her do it.
  47. casting couch
    Daisy Ridley Totally Wants to Play Lara Croft“I’m waiting for someone to say ‘I want you, let’s do it.’”
  48. Daisy Ridley Adorably Turns Down Dance InviteMaybe dance with a non-famous person once in a while, guys.
  49. secrets
    J.J. Abrams Knows Quite a Bit About Rey’s Origin“Obviously, it’s not for me to talk about in this moment.”
  50. celebrity advice
    Kristen Stewart Gives Daisy Ridley AdviceIf this advice applies to you: Congratulations, you are Daisy Ridley!
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