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Dana Schutz

  1. art
    Dana Schutz Takes Back Her Painterly NameHer canvasses are hyper-assertive, full of operatic grandeur, self-mocking turbulence, disfigured hideousness and the psychopathology of her figures.
  2. art and design 2017
    Is Political Art the Only Art That Matters Now?The art world is going to war with Trump. If it doesn’t shoot itself in the foot first.
  3. controversies
    Open Casket Artist Defends Her Emmett Till Painting, Says It Needs Context“I knew the risks going into this. What I didn’t realize was how bad it would look when seen out of context.”
  4. The Maddening Fate of the Bad-Boy Female ArtistDana Schutz, Katherine Bernhardt, and why the art world overlooks its dangerous women.
  5. in the magazine
    An Afternoon in Chelsea — On Your Desktop