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Dance Party!!!

  1. dance party!!!
    Would You Like to Learn the Girls Dance From Last Night?Here is how.
  2. dance party!!!
    Watch Tilda Swinton Honor Roger Ebert With a Barry White Dance-Along“No observers allowed. Participants only.”
  3. dance party!!!
    A Comprehensive Guide to Thom Yorke’s Arm-DancingLearn them all.
  4. dance party!!!
    A Complete Guide to Quentin Tarantino’s Red Carpet MovesBecause walking is boring.
  5. flash mob
    Watch a Dance Party/Flash Mob Thing Take to the Streets of ManhattanImprov Everywhere’s weird cousin showed up to play.
  6. dance party!!!
    A Comprehensive Guide to Taylor Swift’s Arm DancingWe salute you, Taylor.