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  1. Meet Michelle Stanek, Your 2012 U.S. Pole Dancing ChampionPrepare to be aroused — intellectually, of course.
  2. A Modern Dance Analysis of the ‘Arrested Development’ Chicken ImpressionsCurtains up on the Bluth family’s dusty plateau that overlooks tens of deserted acres of land. George Sr., the Bluth family patriarch, is a […]
  3. magic mike
    Watch a Magic Mike Flash MobSo that’s why they call him Big Dick Richie.
  4. ryan gosling
    Watch a Young Ryan Gosling DanceThe nineties were weird.
  5. Chris O’Dowd and Nick Frost to Strap on Rival Dancing ShoesIn more British funny things news… What do you think of when you hear Chris O’Dowd (Bridesmaids) and Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead)? Rival […]
  6. dance
    Lil Buck and Benjamin MillepiedBuck and Ben do Bach!
  7. rihanna
    Go Behind the Scenes of Rihanna’s Next Music Video, ‘Where Have You Been’Dance, RiRi, dance!
  8. tron
    Watch an Eye-Popping Tron-Inspired Dance RoutineEat your heart out, Jeff Bridges.
  9. dancing
    See a Pictorial Guide to Famous Dances in Pop CultureLet’s do the Time Warp again, but this time on your bathroom wall!
  10. super mario bros.
    Watch a Piano-Tap Duo Perform Music From Super Mario BrothersHeads up to Savion Glover: We’ve got a new show idea for you!
  11. flash mob
    Watch a Dance Party/Flash Mob Thing Take to the Streets of ManhattanImprov Everywhere’s weird cousin showed up to play.
  12. britney spears
    Watch Britney Spears’s Son Preston Dance Like Nobody’s WatchingDo it again, Preston! [Oops!], you should do it again!
  13. justin bieber
    Watch an Epic Justin Bieber–Themed Wedding DanceThe Biebs is officially a wedding singer.
  14. radio vulture
    Why Does America Love Skrillex?How an electronic dance music producer crossed over to massive festival crowds, the Grammys, and Kanye West.
  15. dance
    Watch a Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Performed on Roller SkatesIn an attempt to beat the recent father and daughter who shook up YouTube with their adorable dance, another duo hit the floor IN ROLLER SKATES.
  16. dance
    Benjamin Millepied Retires From the City BalletHe’ll still choreograph, though.
  17. appropriation
    Hear From the Choreographer Whose Work Appears in Beyoncé’s ‘Countdown’ VideoWithout her permission.
  18. clickables
    See the Latest in Internet Choreography, ‘A Dance For a Lady’Ladies only, please.
  19. clickables
    Watch Prince Charles Dance With the FELA! CastHe’s got nothing on Obama.
  20. clickables
    Pick Up Some New Moves From This Twin Kid ‘Hey Ya’ Dance RoutineNailed it.
  21. clickables
    Here’s a Highly Enjoyable Daft Punk Dance RoutineMagical.
  22. clickables
    Check Out Google’s Animated Martha Graham DoodleHappy 117th birthday, Martha Graham.
  23. clickables
    Watch a Church Caretaker Cartwheel Down the Aisle Where William and Kate WedWestminster Abbey is “displeased” that the cartwheeling has been made public.
  24. clickables
    See a Britain’s Got Talent Contestant’s Insane Matrix DanceMeet Razy Gogonea.
  25. clickables
    Watch an Amazing Collaboration Between Dancer Lil Buck and Yo-Yo MaBrought to you by Spike Jonze.
  26. clickables
    Watch Japanese Slow-Motion Robot Dancers Take Over an AirportIt’s not a flash mob; it’s “Machine Civilization.”
  27. clickables
    See a Confused Oliver Stone Attempt the DougieAt CES, of all places.
  28. fact-check
    We Ask a Real Ballerina if Dancing Swan Lake Really Makes You CrazyAre mirrors really detrimental to a dancer’s mental state? We find out!
  29. clickables
    Learn How to Do the Double Dream Hands Dance“May your double dream hands stay dreamy!”
  30. music
    See Justin Bieber and Willow Smith’s Dance-OffIt’s safe to say the Beebs is all up in the Smith household these days.
  31. unforbidden dance
    Harry Shum Jr. Introduces The Legion of Extraordinary DancersAnd boy are there a lot of roundhouse leaps.
  32. music
    Man Performs Passionate Dance While Riding the D.C. SubwayWonder what he’s dancing to. Maybe the new Eminem?
  33. tv
    People Dressed As Lizards Perform Hypnotic Dance on Local News ShowThey’re called the Children’s Rainforest Odyssey.
  34. music
    Hammy Tiger Dancer Goes Rogue, Steals Show at Russian BalletWatch through to the end — he saves the best for last.
  35. ballerinas
    Which Ballerina Has the Coarsest Twitter?“When did MAC start making the shade ‘Blow-Job Red’?”
  36. ballet
    New Nutcracker!American Ballet Theatre has just announced an all-new, Alexei Ratmansky–choreographed production at BAM.
  37. vulture lists
    24 Quintessential Urban Dance MoviesTalented but troubled inner-city kids step it up, beat the odds, and make their dreams come true, from 1980 to the present.
  38. drama
    Kois on the Minnesota Wedding Video: Why It Might Be the Best Theater You’ll See All YearKois: “I didn’t think I’d love it, but I do — not just as a wedding but as a superbly directed bit of musical theater.”
  39. tube junkie
    Video: All of the Non-Naked Parts of Last Night’s Shen Wei Dance Arts PerformanceThe dancers appeared and disappeared, climbed on each other, hopped like agitated popcorn, and then collapsed.
  40. the industry
    Danny DeVito Is Slashing PricesPlus: alien mating.
  41. the take
    YouTube Dancer Matt Harding Taking the Stride Gum Message Into the New York ‘Times’Charles McGrath lends the Gray Lady’s imprimatur to that guy who films himself doing that goofy dance all over the world.
  42. apropos of nothing
    Ballet-Dancing Robot: Highbrow, Despicable — and a Harbinger of the Apocalypse!The robots’ takeover of high culture is now near complete.
  43. news reel
    At City Ballet, Jerome Robbins Remembered As a Guy You Wouldn’t Mind Seeing Fall Off the StageEthan Hawke, Jonathan Marc Sherman, Lauren Bacall, and Lesley Stahl remember the mercurial choreographer.
  44. chat room
    Dancer Jock Soto Looks Back on a Life in Tights (and Fishnets)“I’d been dancing in a strip mall outside Phoenix. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.”
  45. ranters and ravers
    Joan Acocella Reviews ‘Dancing With the Stars’?The most prominent dance critic in America is reviewing a TV show that features a dancing Monica Seles.
  46. the take
    Vulture Presents ‘Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew’Like ‘American Idol,’ but featuring contestants doing something you’d actually want to watch!
  47. chat room
    Mikhail Baryshnikov and Merce Cunningham Talk Dance PhotographyBaryshnikov talks to Vulture about his new exhibit, then Cunningham critiques it.
  48. news reel
    Behind the Scenes at Twyla Tharp’s New BalletDoes Tharp plus a Danny Elfman score equal a return to the glory days?
  49. the take
    Why We’re Excited About Alexei Ratmansky Replacing Christopher Wheeldon at City BalletThere’s a bit of a Ratmansky-gasm going on in the city right now.
  50. overnights
    ‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Down With Tyce D’Orio!As the producers prodded the dancers to reveal the complex psyches behind their personas, we learned such scintillating facts as Lauren likes to pretend she’s Asian and Dominic thinks every foreign accent is French. Maybe this is the show’s way of reminding us that you can dislike the artist but still like the art.
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