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  1. trailer mix
    New Nine Trailer: A Whole Lotta Kate HudsonKate Hudson is your guide in what looks like an expensive perfume commercial.
  2. the industry
    Martin Scorsese Giving Benicio Del Toro and Daniel Day-Lewis the Silence TreatmentPlus, Julian Schnabel’s been busy.
  3. chat room
    Rebecca Miller on ‘The Private Lives of Pippa Lee,’ the Novel — and the MovieThe novelist and filmmaker on the wisdom of not casting her husband, Daniel Day-Lewis.
  4. agenda
    Pre-‘Milkshake’ Day-Lewis in Blu-Ray ‘Gangs of New York’Any city dweller has got to love Scorsese’s insanely detailed rendering of New York’s nastiest era.
  5. the industry
    Daniel Day-Lewis Is Ready for His Eleven O’Clock NumberPlus: Tom Cruise will play the president, and Jason Reitman is adapting ‘Up in the Air.’
  6. quote machine
    Daniel Day-Lewis Will Kiss Anything That MovesPlus: Fred Willard!
  7. kudos
    Oscar Predictions: The Major CategoriesHow to win your Oscar pool? Pick the chalk.
  8. kudos
    The Oscars: The Best Actor and Actress Nominees, DecodedWill Daniel Day-Lewis drink everyone’s milkshakes?
  9. tube junkie
    Milkshake Watch: Finally, ‘I Drink Your Milkshake!’ Gets a Mash-up2008’s fastest-growing catchphrase “I drink your milkshake!” marches ever onward toward “Show me the money!”–level ubiquity.
  10. the take
    ‘I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE!’: A Guide to Proper UsagePlease don’t turn There Will Be Blood’s volcanic phrase into another SportsCenter joke.
  11. kudos
    National Society of Film Critics Honor ‘There Will Be Blood’; Oscar Chances DoomedComparing the NSFC’s list of past winners to the Academy’s makes a pretty decent counter-history of great film.
  12. news reel
    ‘There Will Be Blood’: Paul Dano Still Has the BruisesThink of the intensity of the scream he gave in Little Miss Sunshine but amplified by twenty and sustained for nearly three hours.
  13. news reel
    Daniel Day-Lewis Plays Coy About His ‘There Will Be Blood’ CharacterIs this bleak, Über-masculine character study of a turn-of-the-century oil tycoon too much for even the indie-art crowd to stomach?
  14. backlash
    Has the ‘There Will Be Blood’ Backlash Begun Already?PTA + DDL @ 92Y!
  15. kudos
    ‘There Will Be Blood’ Wins L.A. Film Critics; Which New York Wave Director Will Sweep the NYFCA?The Coens or Julian Schnabel?
  16. quote machine
    Anthony Hopkins Doesn’t Get ‘Beowulf’ EitherPlus quotes from Ethan Coen and Ellen Page!
  17. kudos
    Oscar Futures: ‘American Gangster’ Ready to Play Like GangbustersWho’s up? Who’s down?
  18. kudos
    Oscar Futures: ‘American Gangster’ Ready to Play Like GangbustersWho’s up? Who’s down?
  19. countdown
    Early Reviews Say ‘There Will Be Blood’ Is a Masterpiece That No One Will LikeIt’s one of the year’s best! If you can make it to the end without slashing your wrists, that is.
  20. countdown
    Casting the Next Harry Potter MovieLet’s find roles for the six or so British and Irish actors who haven’t already been employed by the Harry Potter series.
  21. trailer mix
    P.T. Anderson Returns! With Feel-Bad Film of the Century?