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  1. cancellations
    The Comedy Central Purge Continues With Tosh.0 Cancellation“I look forward to doing an animated reboot of my show on MTV in 25 years.”
  2. Comedy Central Renews ‘Tosh.0’ for Three More SeasonsDaniel Tosh isn’t leaving Comedy Central anytime soon. The network announced today that it’s extended its deal with Tosh, which includes a […]
  3. Comedy Central Announces Standup Specials from Nikki Glaser, Daniel Tosh, […]Comedy Central just announced a round of new hourlong standup specials. In a press release today, the network revealed that new standup […]
  4. Tonight’s ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Is About a Daniel Tosh-Esque Rape Joke […]Tonight’s new episode of TV drama Law & Order: SVU is taking place in the standup comedy world. Loosely inspired by that Daniel Tosh rape […]
  5. renewed
    Tosh.0 Gets Renewed for Three More SeasonsThrough season eight.
  6. Cockroaches and ‘Tosh.0’ Will Survive the ApocalypseGreat news for people who recently taped themselves falling off a stool: Comedy Central renewed Tosh.0 for a 30-episode fifth season. This […]
  7. brickleberry
    Watch a Preview for BrickleberryBears. Humping. Hehe.
  8. There’s A LOT of Consensual Sex in the ‘Brickleberry’ Preview We get it, we get it, Tosh, you prefer sex to be an agreed up action…between two adult…animals…in public…in front of children. Though, […]
  9. louis c.k.
    Watch Louis C.K.’s Interview on The Daily ShowSorry, but this doesn’t really do much for us.
  10. Louis C.K. Brings the Sexy, Reads Blogs, Sticks it to the Mets (and Talks […] The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook Louis C.K. […]
  11. What Tosh-Gate Says about the State of Comedy Appreciation and Criticism […]When the Daniel Tosh firestorm started my initial reaction was to shrug and say “who cares?” It was a comedian making an off-hand offensive […]
  12. Daniel Tosh’s ‘Brickleberry’: ‘Most of the pilot is about rape.’Jesus Christ. Daniel Tosh has a new animated series coming to Comedy Central this fall called Brickleberry, and the plan was to screen the […]
  13. ‘The Onion’ Weighs In on This Daniel Tosh BusinessThe Onion on Tosh: Daniel Tosh Chuckles Through Own Violent Rape.
  14. Yes, Daniel Tosh Made Terrible JokesWe haven’t covered this Daniel Tosh rape joke thing because, frankly, neither Jesse nor I felt much like diving into it. It feels like the same […]
  15. comedy
    Daniel Tosh, Rape Jokes and HecklersLet’s talk about this forever.
  16. Daniel Tosh Soon To Be a Short BearHere is the first image from Daniel Tosh’s new animated series. Tosh announced last night on Tosh.0 that Brickleberry will premiere on […]
  17. Daniel Tosh Starts Disgusting, Awful Movement Yep, no. By successfully curating videos of people being idiots or jerks, Daniel Tosh has acquired a position of power on the Internet. Rachel […]
  18. Daniel Tosh Brings Brickleberry To Comedy CentralSadly, Daniel Tosh’s Brickleberry is not a flavor of limited-run ice cream like I’d momentarily thought. My brain, constantly trying to find […]
  19. quote machine
    Peeing on a Boat Not As Fun As It Sounds, Claims Adam ScottPlus: Christina Applegate responsible for all the smut on TV.
  20. tosh.0
    Behind the Scenes of Tosh.0 With Executive Producer Charlie Siskel“It starts with videos of these crazy dances. Then we show Daniel doing the ‘Dick Slang’ outside of someone’s office. Then we’ll ask if you’ve got any examples of you doing these dances at, say, a Bar Mitzvah.”
  21. daniel tosh
    Nut-Kicks and ‘Coochie Carnage’ Take Tosh to the Top of Comedy Central’s RatingsHe’s beating Jon Stewart!
  22. the industry
    Industry: Diane Lane Joins the Loud FamilyPlus: Corin Tucker flies solo!