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Dark Horse Comics

  1. The Incredible First Aliens Comic’s Finally BackDark Horse’s serialized Aliens comic launched in 1987 and picked up a few years after the end of the film Aliens.
  2. sequential art
    Exclusive Look at Dark Horse Comics’ Dept. HFrom superstar writer Matt Kindt.
  3. graphic novels
    Margaret Atwood Pens Superhero ComicPredicting the hottest new name for cats will be Angel Catbird.
  4. comics
    Brian Wood’s Rebels Features Blood, Guts, and Patriotism“My war was begun.”
  5. we can neither confirm nor deny the existence of this post
    Mind MGMT’s Matt Kindt Talks Spies & PornographyThe comics auteur says he’s not paranoid, but we’re not sure.
  6. vulture lists
    These Are the 25 Most Gorgeous Moments From the Sin City ComicsAnd you thought the movies looked good.
  7. firsts
    The Country’s First Comic-Book Archive, Courtesy of Portland State and Dark HorseIt’s a dream archive from the third-largest comics publisher, with everything from ‘Hellboy’ to ‘Star Wars’ to ‘Akira.’