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Dark Knight Rises

  1. settlements
    4 Aurora Shooting Survivors Ordered to Pay Theater Chain Nearly $700,000A settlement fell through.
  2. dark knight rises
    Watch Batman Shampoo vs. Bane-anaSo stupid, and yet, so good.
  3. dark knight rises
    Listen to Some Incredible Outtakes of Bane From Dark Knight RisesWho knew Bane could rap?
  4. batman
    See Batman Villains As a K-Pop BandLet’s go crazy!
  5. dark knight rises
    Watch the Honest Trailer for The Dark Knight Rises“Seriously, where is everybody?”
  6. Bane Impressions at Comic Con Are LackingNot a one!
  7. Left Handed Radio: Come to a Staged Reading of ‘Dark Knight 4’ Thursday […]Left Handed Radio presents The Sequel Machine, a monthly live show where 25 writers collaborate on a sequel to one of film’s biggest […]
  8. dark knight rises
    What If Batman Were Played by Cookie Monster?Sweet poker face, Oldman.
  9. dark knight rises
    Visit a Bane SoundboardIt’s all bells and whistles to us.
  10. dark knight rises
    Watch The Nippled Knight RisesRemember the nineties? Neither do we.
  11. dark knight rises
    Watch Bane After Batman With Chris KattanNote to self: never retire!
  12. batman
    Watch ‘Dark Knightfall’Nice job, toys!
  13. See Alleged Early Sketches of BanePaging Hannibal Lecter!
  14. dark knight rises
    Hear Bane Before and AfterDon’t blame the mask.
  15. cats
    Meet Kitty Knight Rises and Kitty of SteelMeow!
  16. batman
    Read Christopher Nolan’s Good-bye to the Batman Franchise“The Batman had to come back. I suppose he always will.”
  17. weekend box office
    There Will be No Box Office Numbers This Weekend Other studios have joined Warner Bros. in a gesture of sympathy toward Colorado’s moviegoing shooting victims. 
  18. The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show: Dr. Batman PHd on ‘The Dark Knight Rises’This week on The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show my guest is Dr. Will Brooker, a man who wrote his PHd thesis on Batman. We discussed exactly what […]
  19. batman
    Watch a Supercut of Batman Characters Saying ‘Batman’How many can you count?
  20. dark knight rises
    Meet a Rambling Dark KnightVery dark, very thorough.
  21. fanboys
    Rotten Tomatoes Kills Dark Knight Rises Comments“The job of policing the comments became more than my staff could handle for that film.”
  22. the dark knight
    Watch an Honest Trailer for The Dark Knight“From director Christopher Nolan, who prompts fanboy boners from whatever he touches … ” Touché.
  23. dark knight rises
    Watch a Batman ParodyWhy so not serious?
  24. dark knight rises
    Find Out What a Dumb Batman Would Be LikeHoly dumbass, Batman!
  25. dark knight rises
    Read an Infographic Detailing the Evolution of Batman VillainsIt’s really been a rough go for Catwoman, huh?
  26. The Complete Guide to Everything: The Dark Knight RisesThis week, we discuss the ins and outs of upcoming art film The Dark Knight Rises. Tom defends his Batman obsession to a skeptical Tim, and […]
  27. dark knight rises
    Watch an Interview The Dark Knight Rises CastEveryone is there! Everyone!
  28. batman
    Watch ‘Breaking Batman,’ Which Is Exactly What You Think It IsWalt Jr. as James Gordon? Obviously.
  29. dark knight rises
    See Another Clip From The Dark Knight RisesThe Bat, ladies and gentlemen.
  30. dark knight rises
    Hear Pee-wee Herman Do Dark Knight RisesJimmy Fallon unleashes his inner Pee Wee, loves Batman.
  31. dark knight rises
    See the IMAX Poster for Dark Knight RisesIs Bane scarier in black and white?
  32. dark knight rises
    Watch a Dark Knight RisesDragon Tattoo Mash-UpCan Seal still do the music?
  33. batman
    Read an Extensive Batman InfographicBut where’s Michael Caine?
  34. ice age continental drift
    Watch an Ice AgeDark Knight Rises Mash-UpWe’d see it.
  35. dark knight rises
    Watch a Short Clip From The Dark Knight RisesGary Oldman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
  36. dark knight rises
    Watch Sixties-Era Robin Crash The Dark Knight Rises“Flim flam!”
  37. dark knight rises
    Stream the Dark Knight Rises SoundtrackWhere are you when we need you, Seal?
  38. dark knight rises
    Tour an IMAX Theater Preparing for Dark Knight RisesSo many buttons!
  39. dark knight rises
    Watch The Dark Knight Rises in Real Life“Get out of the way!” — Batman
  40. dark knight rises
    Read the Gotham ObserverIt’s no Post, but it’ll do.
  41. dark knight rises
    See a Cool Billboard for Dark Knight RisesOuch! That had to hurt!
  42. community
    See a Community-Meets–Dark Knight Rises PosterAbed rises, y’all.
  43. dark knight rises
    See the Full Dent Act From Dark Knight RisesAnd what the Mayor says goes!
  44. dark knight rises
    Watch Another New Dark Knight Rises TrailerYes, another one.
  45. dark knight rises
    Watch a New TV Spot for Dark Knight Rises, Now With More FootageThat mask really does give us the heebie jeebies, though, and we’re not talking about Batman’s.
  46. hans zimmer
    Listen to Samples of Hans Zimmer’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ ScoreHear what exactly the Dark Knight Rises to!
  47. batman
    Watch Batman Blow His CoverBetter job next time, Bruce.
  48. dark knight rises
    Watch The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Reenacted by Hot DogsBecause why shouldn’t this exist?
  49. movie posters
    Check Out This Catwoman Poster From Dark Knight RisesWhat’s that she’s stepping on?
  50. dark knight rises
    Watch Two New TV Spots for Dark Knight RisesIt’s the “Bane” event!
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