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Dark Knight Rises

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    Check Out Some More Dark Knight Rises PostersMe-ow, Anne Hathaway! Me-ow!
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    Check Out a New Dark Knight Rises PosterIt’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s … FIRE!
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    Batman: The Animated Series Dark Knight RisesFrom 2-D to 3-D, Batman can do anything!
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    Read the Warrant for BatmanDo your research!
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    See What Happens When Christopher Nolan’s Batman Shows Up at a Birthday PartyJust cool out for, like, five minutes, Batman. Can you do that?
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    Watch ‘Dark Knight Rising,’ Conan’s Porn Parody of Dark Knight RisesHow about the butt on the Riddler?
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    Check Out Some New Stills From The Dark Knight RisesThere never was a pair of cat ears Anne Hathaway couldn’t pull off.
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    Watch the Trailer for The Dark Knight Rises … in LegoHoly Lego, Batman!
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    Watch a Lion KingDark Knight Rises Mash-UpMichael Caine as a tropical bird? Yes, please!
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    Read a ‘Leaked’ CIA Document (That Is Actually Part of a Viral Campaign for The Dark Knight Rises, But Who Cares?)Fake document or not, we’re so on the case.
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    Meet the Hero Paparazzo Taking Photos of The Dark Knight RisesAnd hear his tale.
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    Check Out the Dark Knight Rises Batmobile, Now Available for WeddingsHere’s the very traditional “Newlywed on Top of a Camo Car” photo.
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    Check Out the First Teaser Poster for Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises“Inception” meets Gotham City.
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    Joseph Gordon-Levitt Could Join Dark Knight RisesIf so, may we humbly request that he be forced to wear more gorgeous three-piece suits?