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  1. last night on late night
    Bill Clinton Compares Impeachment Notes With President Trump in SNL Cold Open“Not for that. They don’t mind when I do that, trust me.”
  2. documentaries
    Cracked Up Dives Deep Into the Mind and Work of Darrell HammondHere are the most fascinating things we learned from the new documentary.
  3. Comedy Dynamics to Release Six New Standup Specials from Louie Anderson, […]Comedy Dynamics has six new standup specials in the works it’s calling “the ‘90s comedian six-pack.” The specials were taped at the Palace […]
  4. Darrell Hammond Isn’t Happy About Getting Replaced in KFC’s Colonel […]By now you’ve probably seen KFC’s ad campaign starring Darrell Hammond, Norm Macdonald, and most recently Jim Gaffigan playing Colonel Sanders, […]
  5. impressions
    Darrell Hammond Deconstructs His Donald Trump Impression How the Saturday Night Live star becomes the Donald.
  6. Darrell Hammond Is Officially the New ‘SNL’ AnnouncerFollowing the death of SNL’s longtime announcer Don Pardo last month, former cast member (and occasional Pardo fill-in) Darrell Hammond said […]
  7. big voice to fill
    Darrell Hammond Set as SNL’s New AnnouncerReplacing Don Pardo, who passed away in August.
  8. Darrell Hammond Says He’d ‘Be Honored and Thrilled’ to Take Over Don […]In the wake of iconic SNL announcer Don Pardo’s passing, the show now has the tall order of hiring a replacement to announce the cast’s names […]
  9. Saturday Night’s Children: Darrell Hammond (1995-2009)Saturday Night Live has been home to over a hundred cast members throughout the past 37 years. In our column Saturday Night’s Children, we […]
  10. saturday night live
    A Vulture Study: Which SNL Season Reused the Most Characters?Was it a Stefon year? Or something from the Church Lady or Spartan Cheerleader eras?We examined 36 seasons and 7,798 sketches to find out.
  11. herman cain
    Watch Mike Tyson Play Herman CainPigeon-loving, ultraviolent boxer turns on the funny when he tries to read cue cards in “Herman Cain voice.”
  12. This Darrell Hammond Story Could Not Be More Horrifying Good god, this Darrell Hammond abuse story keeps getting worse and worse. In an interview with CNN, the SNL alum talks about suffering […]
  13. snl
    Darrell Hammond Says He Did a Lot of Drugs at SNLMore ‘SNL’ debauchery.
  14. Darrell Hammond Discusses Addiction, SNL Breakdown In New BookYou so rarely hear about straitjackets these days; they seem like sort of a novelty. Unless you’re being escorted out of 30 Rock in one, as […]
  15. Darrell Hammond’s SNL and Drug Abuse Memoir: God, If You’re Not Up There, […]I’ll admit I’m intrigued by the cover and publisher-supplied synopsis of Darrell Hammond’s upcoming book, God, If You’re Not Up There, I’m […]
  16. quote machine
    JFK Reincarnated As Person With Questionable Taste in JewelryPlus: Rufus Wainwright outs 50 Cent.
  17. exits
    Is Darrell Hammond Out at SNL?Probably?
  18. exits
    Darrell Hammond’s SNL Fate Still Unclear, But Don Pardo Is FinishedThe legendary announcer has been saying “It’s Saturday Night Live” since 1975.
  19. snl
    And We Will All Go Down Together: The SNL Season 34 FinaleClassic!
  20. charts
    SNL Season 34: By the NumbersWe know how much you love charts!
  21. overnights
    Damages: Bite-size Guide to a Great EpisodeThe proceedings are lively, even pleasantly wacky!
  22. baseless speculation
    Who Will Play Bill Clinton in Peter Morgan’s New Blair-Clinton Movie?Frank Caliendo? Seth Rogen?
  23. the industry
    Call Him Mister JT