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Darth Vader

  1. rip
    Dave Prowse, Actor Who Played Darth Vader, Dead at 85Prowse provided the physical performance for the iconic villain.
  2. last night on late night
    Harrison Ford Was ‘F-cking’ Upset Mark Hamill Didn’t Share Star Wars Spoilers“Oh my gosh, Dad Vader!”
  3. useful analogies
    Mark Hamill Is Not Down with Trump’s America, a.k.a the Dark Side“If you look at what’s being assembled for our government it’s like, yikes. It’s a who’s who of really despicable people.”
  4. the dark side
    Trump Adviser Steve Bannon Admires Darth Vader, Satan“That’s power.”
  5. sequential art
    Marvel’s Darth Vader Comic Is Star Wars at Its BestIt builds inventively on the mythos while remembering what made it resonant and sexy.
  6. luke i am your computer technology
    Darth Vader Will Be Getting the Virtual-Reality Treatment[Heavy breathing.]
  7. star wars rogue one
    James Earl Jones Will Return to Voice Darth Vader in Star Wars: Rogue OneVader “looms in the background” of the movie.
  8. what might have been
    Hayden Christensen’s Force Awakens Almost CameoSpoiler alert? 
  9. star wars
    Toddler Sings Star Wars Imperial March From CribThe force is strong with this one.
  10. brand synergy
    Marvel Made a Darth Vader Comic, and It’s Surprisingly FunWriter Kieron Gillen is doing a helluva job.
  11. Here’s Kristen Schaal Playing Darth Vader From John Moe’s public radio show, Wits, here’s a live sketch in which Kristen Schaal plays Star Wars villain Darth Vader, in case you’ve ever […]
  12. darth vader
    Watch Darth Vader Get Issued a TicketWelcome to Brooklyn, buddy.
  13. clickables
    Meet the Star WarsBatman Love Child, Darth KnightIt’s exactly what it sounds like.
  14. clickables
    Check Out Darth Vader’s Excellent Salsa Moves, Trombone SkillsWork it, sir.
  15. how can i stay mad at you?
    8 Super-Villains Who Have a Good Excuse For EvilMolestation, abandonment as children, the Holocaust … they’ve all got excuses.