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Das Racist

  1. the race to primetime
    Inside Heems’ TV Dreams, With Eat Pray ThugHeems is ready to make people laugh again — and change their minds while he’s at it.
  2. breakups
    Das Racist Is Done“Das Racist is breaking up and we’re not a band anymore.”
  3. encounter
    Dosa Hunting With Stereogum’s Amrit Singh and Das Racist’s Himanshu Suri“This dude needs a lesson. That is not dosa.”
  4. kool ad
    Download the New Kool A.D. Mixtape, 51Das Racist? More like Das Multitalented.
  5. death grips
    Stream the New Death Grips Album, The Money StoreIs this what it once felt like for Das Racist?
  6. das racist
    Download Nehru Jackets, the New Mix Tape From Heems of Das RacistAnother Das Racist dude does his own thing.
  7. das racist
    Download a Free Mix Tape by Das Racist’s Kool A.D.Das Racist pulls a Destiny’s Child. Kind of. Well, no, not really.
  8. opinions
    Das Racist Reviews the 25 Most Discussed Tracks of the Year“If a girl put this on to have sex, I would be like, really?”
  9. das racist
    Watch Das Racist’s Video for ‘Brand New Dance’Maybe it’s the lighting, but who knew the fellas all had such great skin? What’s your secret, Das Racist?
  10. wtf
    Das Racist Brought a Michael Jackson Impersonator to ConanFor the song of that name.
  11. clickables
    Stream the New Song From Heems of Das RacistHe’s a tenderoni.
  12. clickables
    Listen to Das Racist’s Heems Rap About the Internet on ‘Computers’“The YouTubes has more science than Bill Nye the Science Guy.”
  13. clickables
    Watch Das Racist Get Drunk, Haircuts on Chillin IslandThe pilot episode of their new web series.
  14. radio vulture
    It’s the Indie-Rock Time of Year: Five Great Albums to Check OutReviews of new work from Ladytron, Wild Flag, Das Racist, St. Vincent, and Girls.
  15. out on the weekend
    This Weekend’s Concerts, From Kool Keith to Sonic YouthPlus: Nicki Minaj, Iron and Wine, MF Doom, Wild Flag, Janelle Monae, Kanye West, and more, in our weekly concert roundup.
  16. right-click
    Das Racist Are Janet Jackson, Ritchie Valens, DJ Khaled, Etc.Hear their new single, “Michael Jackson.”
  17. das racist
    Das Racist Get the E-mail Snub From Beastie BoyEven after a ramen date.
  18. clickables
    Hear Das Racist’s Thoughts on Glee, Personal Hygiene, Paula PoundstoneOh, this is great.
  19. clickables
    Read, Watch Two More Delightful Das Racist Interviews“We get really sick of playing ‘Time to Pretend,’ but we have to do it for our fans.”
  20. the law
    Das Racist Got Kicked Out of the U.K.“Because of our POLITICAL VIEWS!”
  21. shut up dude
    Das Racist Was in Anthony Bourdain’s Refrigerator Last NightSee the video!
  22. clickables
    Read Das Racist’s ‘Real Talk’ Interview With Deborah Solomon“Deborah, chill. Fall back.”
  23. right-click
    Das Racist Take a Trip to the Zoo“You can come to the zoo too / we can look at giraffes and kangaroos too.”
  24. right-click
    Are Das Racist a Real Band Now?Their new mixtape, ‘Sit Down, Man,’ is here.
  25. music
    Download Das Racist’s New Mixtape, Sit Down, ManThe rap group follows up their awesome ‘Shut Up, Dude’ with the similarly instructive ‘Sit Down, Man.’
  26. music
    Watch Das Racist’s Crazy New Video, ‘Ek Shaneesh’The Brooklyn-based rap duo take you on a friendly tour of Queens.
  27. music
    Play the Awesome Das Racist Video GameExcellent time-waster.
  28. music
    Watch As Devo Gets Iced by Das RacistBut will they accept the Icing?
  29. out on the weekend
    This Weekend in Rock PhotosPlus: Adam Green, Los Campesinos!, Titus Andronicus, Morning Benders, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Harlem, Gang Gang Dance, Das Racist, and Elvis Costello
  30. explanations
    Das Racist Justify Their Crappy Beastie Boys ShowOf course they do.
  31. last night's gig
    Das Racist Botch Beastie Boys PerfomancePeople started streaming out almost immediately, but we forced ourselves to stay put and see what happened.
  32. out on the weekend
    This Weekend in Rock Photos: Dr. Dog, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, and Gwar!Plus: Darlene Love, the Whigs, the Fiery Furnaces, Gordon Voidwell, Blank Dogs, Mountain Man, Kaki King, and Das Racist.
  33. out on the weekend
    This Weekend’s Concerts, From Guster to GlassjawPlus: Audion, Zero 7, Brand New, Thrice, Manchester Orchestra, Growing, and Hex Fest.