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  1. superlative sessions
    Dashboard Confessional Is the Soundtrack for Our Summer of Longing (Again)We feel … wait for it … vindicated.
  2. covers
    Dashboard Confessional Covers Post Malone, Sends You Deeper Into Isolation FeelsThey also reimagined their song “Screaming Infidelities.”
  3. Somehow, Dashboard Confessional Found a Way to Make Writer’s Block BeautifulThe closer off their new album is a rare gem.
  4. Dashboard Confessional and Brian Fallon Find New Life in Old SoundsThe new songs are a subtle push into the present for bands that seem branded by their past.
  5. a long talk
    Dashboard Confessional Still BelongsChris Carrabba takes stock of his emo legacy, weighs in on the Brand New allegations, and defends Taylor Swift.
  6. songs of the week
    7 Best New Songs of the Week: Migos, Hop Along, Dashboard ConfessionalDashboard Confessional’s new song tugs on all the heart strings.
  7. songs of the week
    6 Best New Songs of the Week: Taylor Swift, Eminem, Dashboard ConfessionalThe best song on Taylor Swift’s Reputation renders those obituaries of her songwriting skill irrelevant.
  8. videology
    Dashboard Confessional Return With ‘May’Their first new song in seven years.
  9. vulture quiz
    Taylor Swift or Dashboard Confessional Lyric? A QuizTwo of a kind. 
  10. birthday gifts
    T-Swift Gifts Dashboard Confessional Sing-alongHands down, this is the best day she will ever remember. 
  11. last night’s gig
    Dashboard Confessional Waxes Nostalgic, Dodges Ladies’ UndergarmentsIt only took Chris “Dashboard Confessional” Carrabba a few minutes into last night’s mostly acoustic show at Webster Hall, his first of three sold-out New York solo gigs supporting his just-released The Shade of Poison Trees, to comment on the age schism between him and his fans. “Is that just a pad of a bra?” he asked about a flung undergarment before shooing it aside.
  12. leak of the week
    New Dashboard Confessional Album Leaks, Chris Carrabba Now Even SadderChris Carraba’s either undergone intensive vocal training or this new record represents a bold leap into the future of pitch-correction technology.
  13. right-click
    Beck Drops Science, Scientology50 Cent, Dashboard Confessional, and more!