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  1. roll clip!
    How Much of This Awkward Dating Around Montage Can You Endure?Poor Ben!
  2. awards season
    Sacha Baron Cohen Invites Sarah Palin to Be His Date at the Golden GlobesAn offer she surely won’t refuse.
  3. dates
    Emma Stone and Billie Jean King Had a Great Time Together at the U.S. OpenStone should return the favor with an invite to the Oscars.
  4. fifty first nates
    I Went on a First Date to See 50 ShadesWithout signing a contract first!
  5. mythbusting
    Once and for All: Back to the Future II’s Future Date Is …Don’t get fooled again!
  6. dates
    The Strokes’ Release Date Is ConfirmedMarch 22!
  7. dates
    Richard Price’s Next Book Due in Fall 2011It’s the first in a detective series to be published under the pen name Jay Morris.
  8. dates
    Weezer Go Indie for New AlbumThey’ve signed with mainstay independent punk label Epitaph Records.
  9. dates
    The New Strokes Album Almost Gets a Release DateA release month, at least.
  10. dates
    Kanye West, Everyone Else Releasing Albums on September 14It’s going to be a big day in music, for some reason.
  11. dates
    Only 75 More Days Until the New LCD Soundsystem Album!Or, you know, however long until someone leaks it.
  12. dates
    Courtney Love Gets a Release Date for NobodyAnd it is April 27.
  13. dates
    Every Movie to Be Released on November 25Paramount has decided to move up the release of Jason Reitman’s ‘Up in the Air’ from December 4 to November 25