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  1. sexy beasts & where to find them
    Sure, They’re Sexy, But Are They Beasts?Does the new Netflix dating show know what a beast actually is? Let the highly scientific taxonomic exercise commence!
  2. trailer mix
    Andy Cohen Takes His Twisted Little Clubhouse Games to the World of Dating ShowsEx-Rated streams August 12 on Peacock.
  3. dating shows
    Hear Ye, Hear Ye! An Olde Time Dating Show Is Coming to PeacockPride and Prejudice: an Experiment in Romance will presumably ignore all the experiments in bloodletting of the era.
  4. trailer mix
    It’s the Fourth Circle of Anthropomorphic Hell in Netflix’s Sexy Beasts TrailerWhat if Masked Singer … for dating?
  5. reality tv
    Indian Matchmaking’s Aparna Was Not Expecting You to Love HerThe newly minted Netflix star has some thoughts on how the show was edited: “I mean, the Bolivian salt flats are not so important, right?”
  6. netflix
    As It Turns Out, None of the Indian Matchmaking Couples Are Still TogetherStill, it’s nice they had some fun dates.
  7. vulture quizzes
    Is This Torso From Love Island or Too Hot to Handle?Put your knowledge of reality shows about hot people on a beach to the ultimate test.
  8. reality tv
    Is the Temptation Island Reboot Trashy or Transgressive?Talking to host Mark L. Walberg about love, lust, and couples who go on reality TV to fix their relationships.
  9. reality tv
    Dating Around Is a Sneakily Great Reality ShowThe low-stakes Netflix show leans into everything that other dating shows aggressively avoid.
  10. close reads
    Temptation Island Hasn’t Changed. We Have.The 2001 series was an unprecedented experiment in reality-TV romance. A new reboot shows how far the form, and its audience, have come since then.
  11. Amy Schumer Got Super Real on The Bachelorette Last Night“He’s just missing charisma, humility, and a sense of humor.”