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  1. new tricks
    Watch Drake and Dave Chappelle Lose Their Minds Over David Blaine’s Magic TrickDavid Blaine still got it.
  2. bucket lists
    Chappelle Wants to Barbecue, Cameo on ScandalHis new bucket list.
  3. review roundup
    So How Did Dave Chappelle’s First Radio City Show Go?“Chunks of his riffs ended up at the same place as a lot of Bill Cosby routines — if Cosby had suddenly developed Tourette’s and begun chain-cursing.”
  4. Dave Chappelle Gave a Rare Interview to a Local News Station in Minneapolis“I prefer the smaller venues […] because you can kind of experience the crowd more, they can experience you more. I’ve always kind of […]
  5. comedy
    Dave Chappelle Is Going on TourCo-headlining Funny or Die’s Oddball Festival with Flight of the Conchords.