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  1. stand-up
    Dave Chappelle’s Fifth Netflix Special Debuts This MonthSticks & Stones drops August 26.
  2. persistence
    Dave Chappelle Reveals How Bradley Cooper Convinced Him to Be in A Star Is BornIt involves a barn in Ohio.
  3. comedy review
    On Broadway, Dave Chappelle Performs for PrivilegeIn his new show, the comedian aligns with perspectives of the powerful.
  4. stand-up
    Dave Chappelle to Make His Broadway Debut Next MonthFor one week only.
  5. awards
    Dave Chappelle to Receive 2019’s Mark Twain Prize for American HumorThe award will be handed out at the Kennedy Center in October.
  6. stand-up
    Dave Chappelle Helps a Promising New Stand-up Named Will SmithThis kid just might make it.
  7. sketch comedy
    R. Kelly ‘Wanted to Fight’ Dave Chappelle Over ‘Piss on You’ SketchChappelle and Neal Brennan both recalled the time R. Kelly’s “goons” threatened Chappelle over the sketch in Chicago.
  8. conversations
    Jon Stewart and Dave Chappelle Talk Trump, Sexism, and Louis C.K.The two sat down for a lengthy chat with Christiane Amanpour.
  9. a star is born
    So, How Did Eddie Griffin End Up in A Star Is Born?The comedian explains his cameo’s surprising origin.
  10. ye
    Dave Chappelle Isn’t Amused by Kanye West’s Pro-Trump Ramblings“He shouldn’t say all that shit.”
  11. comedy tours
    Jon Stewart and Dave Chappelle Take the Stage for Joint Comedy Tour This SummerThe seven-date tour kicks off in Boston on June 11.
  12. lawsuits
    Man Who Threw Banana Peel at Dave Chappelle Is Now Suing Dave ChappelleChristian Englander, the man responsible for “Bananagate,” claims he was assaulted by Chappelle’s bodyguard as he was being restrained.
  13. call me by your name
    Draymond Green Didn’t Care for Dave Chappelle Besmirching His Good NamePersonal foul.
  14. close reads
    A Close Read of the Pimp Story Dave Chappelle Tells in The Bird RevelationWho’s who?
  15. vulture lists
    The 11 Best Jokes From Dave Chappelle’s New Netflix SpecialsChappelle is a master of stand-up comedy.
  16. Dave Chappelle Is Mostly Disappointing in His New Netflix SpecialsChappelle is one of the most important American comedians of the last 20 years, but you can’t see that clearly here.
  17. dave chappelle
    Fan Who Wrote Dave Chappelle a Letter About Trans Jokes Responds to EquanimityIn his new Netflix special, Dave Chappelle uses a fan letter criticizing his trans jokes as a launchpad to tell more trans jokes.
  18. Are We Taking Dave Chappelle Too Seriously When He Jokes About Louis C.K.?Dave Chappelle says in his new specials that he is just messing around, but that goes against his status in our culture as a social commentator.
  19. Dave Chappelle Jokes That Louis C.K. Accuser Has ‘Brittle-ass Spirit’“Bitch, you don’t know how to hang up a phone?”
  20. comedy
    Netflix Is Releasing Two Dave Chappelle Comedy Specials on New Year’s EveThe streaming service just announced its fourth special with Chappelle.
  21. Comedy Central Will Air Every Episode of ‘Chappelle’s Show’ on New Year’s […]Comedy Central has created the perfect followup to Dave Chappelle’s Netflix standup special debuting on New Year’s Eve. The network announced […]
  22. Here’s a Sneak Peek from Dave Chappelle’s Netflix Standup Special […]Netflix is closing out 2017 with Dave Chappelle’s third standup special Equanimity, and the streaming network recently released a clip from the […]
  23. dave chappelle
    Dave Chappelle Teases His Next Netflix Special With a Timely Trump JokeLaugh through those tax-reform-induced fears.
  24. Dave Chappelle’s Third Netflix Special ‘Equanimity’ Debuts on New Year’s […]Netflix is closing out 2017 with the final standup special of the three-special deal it made with Dave Chappelle last year. Following The Age […]
  25. comedy
    Dave Chappelle’s Third Netflix Comedy Special Arrives December 31It’s titled Equanimity, but at least one joke will likely cause you to lose your chill.
  26. Is Netflix Hurting Stand-up?This year, Netflix has asserted complete stand-up dominance. Is this a good thing?
  27. emmys 2017
    The Unexpected Emmy Winner of the Night Is D.C. Public SchoolsBlame or thank John Oliver’s fans.
  28. emmys 2017
    Chappelle’s Show Never Won an Emmy, But Dave Chappelle Finally DidThanks to Saturday Night Live.
  29. netflix
    Netflix’s Latest Revival Is a Def Comedy Jam 25th Anniversary SpecialFeaturing Dave Chappelle, Tiffany Haddish, Tracy Morgan, and more.
  30. Jon Stewart on Trump: ‘Everybody Who Is a Nazi Sure Does Seem to Like Him’John Mayer and Hannibal Buress also showed up as surprise guests.
  31. Dave Chappelle Tells Stephen Colbert He’s “One of the Most Important […]Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Show, where Stephen Colbert chats with Dave Chappelle about his Radio City Music Hall residency this […]
  32. Dave Chappelle on Trump’s ‘Polarizing’ Presidency: Like a Bad DJ at a Good PartyChappelle reexamines his Saturday Night Live monologue on the Late Show.
  33. review
    Chappelle Tries to Tackle Trump and Trans Issues at RCMH. He Doesn’t Succeed.At least the Roots were good.
  34. Dave Chappelle Made a Surprise Appearance on Last Night’s ‘Tonight Show’Ahead of his Radio City Hall residency in August, Dave Chappelle made a special guest appearance during last night’s Tonight Show during a […]
  35. best of 2017 so far
    The Best Stand-up Comedy Specials of 2017 (So Far)Jerrod Carmichael, Dave Chappelle, Norm Macdonald, Sarah Silverman, and more.
  36. Dave Chappelle and Donald Glover Are Performing Together at Radio City […]Dave Chappelle and Donald Glover are teaming up for a joint show at Radio City later this summer. Billboard reports that both comedians have a […]
  37. apologies
    Dave Chappelle Is Sorry for Suggesting on SNL That We Should Give Trump a ChanceHe addressed his SNL monologue during a benefit dinner in NYC.
  38. casting couch
    Dave Chappelle Joins Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is BornThe comedian will portray a character by the name of Noodles.
  39. Dave Chappelle Joins Bradley Cooper’s ‘A Star Is Born’ Remake Starring […]Bradley Cooper is set to make his directorial debut in an upcoming remake of the 1937 film A Star Is Born, and the project just added another […]
  40. in memoriam
    Watch Dave Chappelle and John Mayer’s Charlie Murphy TributeJohn Mayer performed “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me.”
  41. The Best of Charlie Murphy on Chappelle’s Show▶️ These moments are so worth watching again.
  42. March 2017’s Best Standup Specials: Kurt Braunohler, Sasheer Zamata, and […] March was a big month for standup specials, specials that ran the gamut from “everybody’s talking about it” to “why isn’t everyone talking […]
  43. joke writing
    Why Louis C.K.’s Trans Joke Is Better Than Dave Chappelle’sBoth comedians address the touchy subject in their new specials.
  44. vulture lists
    The 10 Best Jokes from Dave Chappelle’s Netflix SpecialsThe highs of Chappelle’s specials really are crazy high.
  45. high times
    Danny Brown Got Dave Chappelle Too High to Function at His Detroit Comeback ShowThe origins of Chappelle’s story in his Netflix special about getting booed in Detroit has been revealed.
  46. i have a dream
    No, Dave Chappelle, Bill Cosby Didn’t Pay for MLK’s ‘I Have a Dream’ PA SystemWe looked into Chappelle’s unconfirmed fact from his recent Netflix special.
  47. epic collaborations
    Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle Did 90 Minutes of Stand-up Together Last NightThe veteran stand-up comics co-headlined a once-in-a-lifetime set last night.
  48. last night on late night
    Sean Hannity Loves Dave Chappelle So Much That He Sent Him Tequila Shots“He geeked out.”
  49. the price of fame
    Do We Expect Too Much of Dave Chappelle?He’s rich and famous, yet we still want to see the plucky underdog.
  50. Dave Chappelle’s Netflix Special Proves He’s the Punch-Line MasterVIDEO: Welcome back.
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