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  1. viewing guide
    From Masked Avengers to Space Squids: A Short History of the Watchmen UniverseA guide to the key players from the landmark graphic novel, and the impact they could have on HBO’s new “remix” series.
  2. tv review
    Watchmen’s Extremist Superhero Dystopia Succeeds on Sheer NerveDamon Lindelof’s follow-up series extends the landmark comic’s complex politics into an alternate present riven by racism and class anxiety.
  3. nycc 2018
    Watchmen Co-creator Dave Gibbons Says HBO Pilot Script ‘Blew Me Away’He drew a contrast between it and its comic-book prequels and sequels.
  4. backlash
    What’s the Matter With Watchmen?What will be the movie’s growly Batman voice?
  5. watchmen
    Watchmen Illustrator Complicit in Movie’s Changed EndingGibbons drew storyboards for the movie’s squid-less ending.
  6. quote machine
    Samuel L. Jackson Basically Qualified to Work at VulturePlus: ‘Universal Soldier 3’ screenplay not up to Dolph Lundgren’s typically high standards.
  7. chat room
    ‘Watchmen’ Illustrator Dave Gibbons on His New Book, the ‘Watchmen’ Movie, and Why You Won’t Even Notice That Doctor Manhattan Is Naked’You’re not looking really at a naked man; you’re looking at a model of a naked man. I know that’s a rather fine distinction.’
  8. countdown
    Fanboys, Federal Judge Adore Early ‘Watchmen’ FootageA 30-minute screening has critics doing the happy dance.